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6 Weird Ways That The Bachelorette Premiere Reminded Us of Juan Pablo
We totally get that Andi Dorfman wants to be her own person now that she’s The Bachelorette and not just Juan Pablo Galavis’ front-runner, but tonight’s premiere of The Bachelorette wasn’t helping matters. Here’s 6 things that happened in the season 10 premiere which made us think of Juan Pablo, the Spanish-speaking, soccer-playing reality star we all Read More
The Bachelor Season Premiere Live Recap—Get All the Juicy Details From Night Two Here!...
It’s the night we’ve all been waiting for—The Bachelor season 18 premiere! Will Juan Pablo Galavis find true love among the 27 lucky ladies? We’re on deck with live updates on everything from the limo arrivals to crazy drunken shenanigans, so make sure to tune in below for all the juicy details. Photos: Meet The 27 Contestants Vying For Juan Pablo Read More
The Bachelor Season Premiere Live Recap—Get All the Juicy Details From Night One Here!...
“Juan-uary” has officially arrived and so has night one of The Bachelor season premiere! Get ready to wipe the drool from your chin as fans get to know the hunky Juan Pablo Galavis and the 27 ladies competing for his love. Stay tuned below for a live update of all the juicy details! Photos: Meet The 27 Contestants Vying For Juan Pablo Read More
Drita Digs In: The Mob Wives Star Talks About Last Night's Fight
Here’s Drita’s take on the episode! Last night’s episode took me back to a place where I don’t wanna be, and that’s Vegas. I have always enjoyed Vegas and always won a lot of money out there, but this trip was just stress, fights, and huge losses at the tables. Not fun! I honestly think Read More
11 Shocking Moments from the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion
In all these years of Real Housewives shows, has there ever been a sadder reunion than the Real Housewives of New Jersey one that aired last night? The ladies finally addressed Teresa’s Giudice’s legal problems, and it was a humdinger. Here were the most shocking moments: Rosie Pierri regrets telling Teresa to “take it up Read More
10 Things We Learned from the Season Finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey
It’s all over! This long, dramatic season of Real Housewives of New Jersey has drawn to a close, and things feel surprisingly peaceful (especially given the legal drama on the way for Teresa Giudice). Here’s what we learned from the episode. Kim D is, as always, the root of all evil. Caroline Manzo noted that Read More
10 Things We Learned from Last Night's Episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey
Last night was part one of the season finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and we finally saw all the ladies in one room, having it out. Like at the beginning of the season, things are still tumultuous between the Gorgas and Giudices heading toward the final episode. Here’s what we learned! Watch: Melissa Read More
Rachel Reilly Dishes on Big Brother 15, the Finalists, the Winner and Her Fave Moment ...
Now that Big Brother is over for the year, one word sums up my feelings: WOW! How did we get here, BB 15 fans? What happened to brilliant strategy, competitive players and social game? OK! Exclusive: See If Rachel Reilly Correctly Predicted Who Would Win BB15 Finale night was all business. There was an endurance Read More
6 Things We Learned From The Dance Moms Reunion
After last week’s Dance Moms finale, which included a brawl between Christi and Leslie, the ladies of the ALDC reunited to hash out their differences. Here’s what we learned: Cops were called after Christi and Leslie’s fight in New Orleans! Christi sincerely apologized for knocking a glass out of Leslie’s hand but Leslie didn’t want Read More
11 Things We Learned from Last Night's Real Housewives of New Jersey
It’s the rumor that won’t die! In this episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga continued fighting the idea that she cheated on her husband, while Kathy Wakile took her business to the next level and Jacqueline Laurita battled a fear of public speaking. Here’s what we learned: We have new candidates for Read More
Big Brother All-Star Rachel Reilly Rips Apart the BB15 Final Three and Predicts Who Wi...
I think we can all agree that this season of Big Brother has been a real roller coaster ride! I feel like I’ve been watching a soap opera with all the ups, downs, backstabbing and showmances. And now the final twist is this soap opera’s very odd ending. McCrae’s eviction came as no shock to Read More
Dance Moms Recap: Christi & Leslie's Shocking Smackdown!
Tension has been building all season on Dance Moms and things really came to a head in this week’s season finale. The ALDC headed to New Orleans for the big event bringing with them on-and-off again team member Payton and her cantankerous mother Leslie. Needless to say, the moms were not happy to have Leslie tag along. Read More
8 Things We Learned from Last Night's Real Housewives of New Jersey
Things were just going too well for the Real Housewives of New Jersey. After two weeks of peace and emotional expression on the Arizona ranch, the gals exploded in one more fight before they left. Here’s what we learned! First it was stripping, then it was cheating. The rumor mill won’t stop for Melissa Gorga, Read More
Rachel Reilly Dissects the Big Brother Double-Eviction Fiasco! Find Out Her Prediction...
Is it safe to say the so-called “Exterminators” have exterminated their own Big Brother game? As if the voting as a house issue wasn’t bad enough, we are now left watching a final FIVE house alliance?!?! I’ll get back to this, but let me start from the beginning… OK! Exclusive: Rachel Reilly Disses Amanda for Read More
Dance Moms Recap: Should Jill Take a Chill Pill?
It takes a lot to steal the spotlight from Abby Lee Miller and the rest of the bickering Dance Moms, but this week, Jill did it! Kendall‘s mom has never been soft-spoken, but as the ALDC prepared for Nationals,  Jill went off the rails. First off, Jill has chutzpah, so her showing up at Melissa‘s house Read More
10 Things We Learned from Last Night's Real Housewives of New Jersey
In this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, the couples were—yep—still in Arizona on their spa vacation, which means even more deep talks and emotions. Whew! It was exhausting. Here’s what we learned: Occasionally you get tired of all that emotion. Melissa was sick of all the kumbaya in Arizona and just wanted Read More
Big Brother Star Rachel Reilly Weighs In on the Moment Aaryn Must Finally Explain Her ...
Aaryn has learned how it feels to be the most hated evicted Big Brother houseguest ever. The studio audience greeted Aaryn with halfhearted claps and lots of boos when she walked out of the house and sat down to talk with Julie Chen at the end of the August 28 eviction episode. OK! Exclusive: Rachel Read More
Big Brother All-Star Rachel Reilly Disses Amanda's Bullying and Aaryn's Attitude! Plus...
What an intense week on Big Brother! Ugggh! So Amanda basically is a bully, tormenting my sister Elissa, and she’s playing it off as game play. SO ANNOYING. Seriously, Amanda, let Elissa have her HOH week! OK! News: See How Aaryn Reacts When She Finds Out Her Racist Comments Are the Talk of the Season Read More
Elissa, Amanda and Zingbot Create Chaos in the Big Brother House and Players Vie for P...
McCrae and Aaryn sit on the Big Brother block, Zingbot pays a visit, Amanda makes war with HOH Elissa and houseguests fight for the Power of Veto. “I have to figure out something to keep both [McCrae and Aaryn] safe and myself,” says Amanda of her “3 a.m.” alliance members. OK! Exclusive: See How BB Read More
Dance Moms Recap: What Happens In Vegas...
The Abby Lee Dance Company headed to Sin City on this week’s Dance Moms but the tension from Pittsburgh traveled with them. Abby Lee Miller continued her reign of terror resulting in a full-blown screaming match with Kelly and poor Paige had a total meltdown. OK! News: Dance Moms Recap: No Abby, No Problem? Kelly struggled more than Read More