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See Rihanna Naked and Makeup Free In Two New Scandalous Selfies

When it comes to social media, Rihanna is willing to bare all—literally! While in Abu Dhabi for her Diamonds World Tour, the popstress posted two naked photos playing with bubbles in the bath. As if the snapshots weren’t scandalous enough, Queen RiRi also sported a makeup free face, which as we expected was flawless!

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Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Instagram

We have a feeling the scandalous pics might be in rebellion to Rihanna’s lastest photoshoot which went awry after Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed kicked the singer off the Grand Mosque’s grounds. While it surprisingly wasn’t for her wardrobe (she rocked a traditional hijab and modest black garb), Sheikh Zayed claims Rihanna detracted from the holy ground’s sanctity. The photos have yet to be released, but we can only imagine they are fabulous!

Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Instagram

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