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8 Reasons Why OK! Is Forever Team Kim Kardashian

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Mama-to-be and reality TV queen, Kim Kardashian, will forever hold a special place in my heart. I hate hearing people knock her and even my own family and friends are always saying, "ugh, what does she even do?" and "she has no talent"…it make me so mad.

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Let's look at the facts; she's had successful shows on E! for almost a decade, she's got her own clothing, make-up, perfume and jewelry lines and she's always got her face on the hottest brands. That sounds like a lot of jobs to me. I don't really care how she got there, the point is she's there and not a lot of other people can say they have all that.

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With all the negative buzz around her Met Ball fashion (you guys, she didn't look like a couch!), I want to take a moment to appreciate Kim and attempt to prove all her haters wrong. Here are 8 reasons that I am forever #TeamKim…check out the gallery below, dolls!

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