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2014 SAG Awards

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Who Deserves Her Fashion Icon Credit
Jennifer Lawrence is modest…to say the least, which is one of the many things we love about her. Of course all of our adoration also makes her really, really uncomfortable. OK! News: Find Out Why Jennifer Lawrence Cursed Bradley …
Getty Images
Find Out Why Jennifer Lawrence Cursed Bradley Cooper Backstage at the SAG Awards
So far it’s been a banner awards season for the cast of American Hustle, taking home Golden Globes as well as the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance By a Cast in a Motion Picture. OK! News: Sophia Bush …
2014 SAG Awards: Anna Chlumsky's Date Night, Lupita Nyong'o's Fashion Icon Status and ...
The SAG Awards make for an extra special night in Hollywood because it’s the one show where actors reward other actors for their achievements. OK! News: Jared Leto Makes a Shocking Confession at the SAG Awards It also made …
5 Flawless Hair and Makeup Looks from the 2014 SAG Awards
Jared Leto Long Hair
Jared Leto Makes a Shocking Confession at the 2014 SAG Awards
As 30 Second to Mars’ front man and the guy who made every teenage girl’s heart stop in the 90s as My So-Called Life’s Jordan Catalano, it’s hard to believe anything makes Jared Leto nervous, au contraire, mon frère! OK…