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A Stylish Series

How Much Cash You'll Probably Need to Recreate a Downton Abbey Outfit Today
We don’t expect you to go head-to-toe Lady Mary Crawley on us (nor really want you to), but we wouldn’t be surprised if you picked up a few style lessons from the stylish Downton Abbey character or any of her friends. As it turns out, if you did want to get all decked out in Read More
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A Stylish Series: Revenge's Costume Designer Dishes Secrets From the Set
Beautiful people, crazy drama, even more beautiful clothes—this is the formula behind the hit show Revenge. I caught up with lead costume designer Jill Ohanneson to pick her brain on how to look chic in the Hamptons, her favorite looks from past episodes, and which major designers you’ll be seeing this season—see what she had Read More
A Stylish Series: The Mindy Project
A Stylish Series: Pretty Little Liars