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Abby Lee Miller

Prison Diva!

Abby Lee Miller In Epic Battle With Judge
The 'Dance Moms' star is begging for more TV time before being locked up.

New Interview

Watch Abby Lee Miller Break Down In Tears After Prison Sentencing
Plus, the UNBELIEVABLE lesson she says she's learned from the ordeal.


Abby Lee Miller Sentenced To A YEAR In Prison — How It All Went Wrong In 7 Clicks
The 'Dance Moms' star has been brought down on fraud charges.

In Denial?

Abby Lee Miller Enters Courthouse Smiling After Judge Reveals She’ll Get Prison Time!...
The former ‘Dance Moms’ star faces up to 30 months behind bars for her fraud charges.


Abby Lee Miller Reveals Why She's Having Life Changing Surgery Ahead Of Sentencing
The shamed 'Dance Moms' star is going under the knife.

It's Getting Real

Abby Lee Miller Could Be Headed To Jail & She's TERRIFIED!
The 'Dance Moms' diva faces more than 2 years behind bars for fraud.

In Denial?

Abby Lee Miller Launches New Spinoff As Fraud Sentencing Looms
The 'Dance Moms' diva is facing prison time, but still seeking the spotlight!
Abby Lee Miller Dance Moms Spinoff Square

Call It A Comeback!

Abby Lee Plotting New Spinoff After Quitting ‘Dance Moms’
Miller is going to give her replacement, Cheryl Burke, some competition!

Mental Meltdown

Abby Lee Miller REVEALS Claims She’s STILL Being Being Forced To Film 'Dance Moms'
She says producers are still sending her call times!


'DWTS' Pro Cheryl Burke Slides Into 'Dance Moms' Spotlight
Disgraced Abby Lee Miller quit in a huff just weeks before her fraud case sentencing.


Abby Lee Miller Gives Tell-All Interview After 'Dance Moms' Names Replacement!
She quit the show ahead of her fraud sentencing.

I Quit!

Abby Lee Miller Ditches ‘Dance Moms’ After Seven Seasons
Will the show be cancelled?


Maddie Ziegler Ripped For Slamming Felon Mentor Abby Lee Miller In Tell All!
She’s become one of the most-hated dancers to ever appear on the show!

Watch Out!

Abby Lee Miller Strikes Back At Maddie Ziegler For 'The Maddie Diaries'
The dancer snubbed her former teacher in her memoir.

Free Woman?

Abby Lee Miller’s Prison Sentencing ‘Canceled!’
Inside the court’s latest bombshell ruling in the ‘Dance Mom’ star’s fraud case.

Narrow Escape!

Abby Lee Miller Gets Lucky Break In Bankruptcy Fraud Case
The reality star can breathe a sigh of relief for now.


Chloe Lukasiak's Return To 'Dance Moms' Sends Abby Lee Miller Into A Mad Rage
See the hot-tempered reality star storm out of the room.

Money Hungry!

Abby Lee Miller Forced Students To Pay Tuition IN CASH!
The dance community is praying she goes to prison.

Begging For Mercy!

Abby Lee Miller Insists Public Humiliation Is Punishment Enough For Her Crimes
The 'Dance Mom's' star will do anything to avoid jail time.


‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Slams Her Own Show: It’s ‘Dumb!’
She’s over it!