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After Earth

'After Earth' Tanks! 4 Ideas for What Will Smith Should Try Next
After weeks of touring the world doing press and making us smile with Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gifs, Will Smith finally saw the release of his huge new movie After Earth this past weekend. And it tanked. Photos: See pics of Will and Jaden Smith with all their famous friends! The movie, directed by the Read More
Will Smith's Five Most Butt-kicking Movie Moments Ever!
Will Smith's new movie After Earth is now in theaters, and we're crazy excited to see Will and his son Jaden battle…whatever it is they're going to battle in a freaky M. Night Shyamalan movie.  Photos: See Will and Jaden Smith hanging out with their tons of famous friends! For such a friendly, happy dude, Read More
In Case You Missed It: Will, Jaden, Jazzy Jeff and Carlton Rap the 'Fresh Prince' Them...
Why is it that the the best pop culture moments happen over long weekends where we are are busy with other things? First there was Amanda Bynes calling out every single celebrity on Twitter, and then, well, then there was this. Will Smith and Jaden Smith were over in London for Memorial Day promoting their new Read More
OK! Movie Mania: 'After Earth's Will and Jaden Smith With All Their Famous Friends
Will Smith and Jaden Smith Attend the Red Carpet Premiere of 'After Earth' in Japan
The dynamic duo is back! Will Smith and his 14-year-old son Jaden Smith are sharing the big screen again in their sci-fi flick After Earth. The father-son pair headed to Japan to attend the red carpet premiere of the movie, where Will confessed that he appreciates Jaden's discipline as an actor. The last time the Read More