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Angelina Jolie Son Knox Pitt Photos LongAngelina Jolie Son Knox Pitt Photos Square

Is She Crazy?

Angelina Jolie Wears All Black In Sweltering L.A. Heat & It CANNOT Be Comfortable
The actress braved the 80-degree temperatures in a dark overcoat and boots!

Mom Of The Year!

Angelina Jolie Takes The Kids On Another Fun Outing Without Their Dad
She wants everyone to know she's doing fine.

Divorce Drama!

Angelina Jolie's Career Is Hitting A Low Because Of Her Divorce
The actress is facing major financial issues!

Moving On!

Angelina Jolie Wants Us To Think Everything Is Okay After Split From Brad Pitt
She's been putting herself in the public eye a lot more recently.
Angelina Jolie Braless Disneyland Photos Square

Not G-Rated!

Angelina Jolies Ditches Her Bra During A Trip With The Kids To Disneyland
The actress was there celebrating her daughter Shiloh’s 11th birthday.
Angelina Jolie Daughter Shiloh Birthday Disneyland LongAngelina Jolie Daughter Shiloh Birthday Disneyland Square

Mom Goals!

Angelina Jolie Celebrates Shiloh’s Birthday In Disneyland & We Wish We Got An Invite...
The family visited the happiest place on Earth without their dad, Brad Pitt.

Way Harsh!

This Is How Chelsea Handler Really Feels About Angelina Jolie
Let's just say, the comedian is good friends with Jennifer Aniston.

Is Mommy OK?

Super-Skinny Angelina Jolie Could Almost Share Clothes With Her Son Pax At This Point
She's wasting away during her split from Brad Pitt.

Forgive & Forget

Angelina Jolie Brings Kids To Bond With Her Formerly Estranged Father
The two's relationship is on the up and up.
Angelina Jolie Skinny Shiloh Knox Photos Square

Is She Okay?

Walking Skeleton! Angelina Jolie Is Skinnier Than Ever In These SCARY New Photos
She and her ex Brad Pitt have both been looking alarmingly thin since their split.

Booze & Drugs!

Brad Pitt Tells All On His Secret Addictions In No-Holds-Barred Interview
PLUS find out who he blames for his split from Angelina Jolie.


Smoking & Drinking Overload! Brad Pitt’s Big Confession: ‘I Was Boozing Too Much’...
The actor opens up for the first time since Angie divorce.

Quality Time!

Angelina Jolie & Pax Prove That Mommy-Son Dates Never Get Old
The duo dined on seafood and steaks for lunch.

Bye, Brad!

Angelina Jolie Throws A Divorce Party Post-Pitt
She doesn't want him anywhere near the A-list bash.
angelina jolie tom ford career

Help On The Way!

Angelina Jolie Hires Tom Ford For Image Makeover After Bitter Divorce!
The designer 'will get her back to icon status,' a source claims.

What's Wrong!

Brad Pitt Shows Off SHOCKING New Look
The actor was almost unrecognizable in LA!

Enough Is Enough!

Brad Pitt Steps In To Save His Kids After Scary Incident Under Angelina's Care
Their daughter got injured when Jolie wasn't watching!

‘It’s Him Or Me!’

Brad Pitt Upset Over Angelina Jolie’s Close Relationship With Her Brother
Find out how it tore their marriage apart.
angelina jolie house hunting

A Fresh Start

Angelina Jolie 'Has Fallen In Love!'
Six months after her split from Brad Pitt, she's ready to move on.
Angelina Jolie Brother James Haven Square

Keep Away, Please!

Angelina Jolie’s Close Relationship With Her Brother ‘Made Brad [Pitt] Uncomfortable’...
James Haven lived with the couple and helped raise their children.