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Help On The Way!

Angelina Jolie Hires Tom Ford For Image Makeover After Bitter Divorce!
The designer 'will get her back to icon status,' a source claims.

What's Wrong!

Brad Pitt Shows Off SHOCKING New Look
The actor was almost unrecognizable in LA!

Enough Is Enough!

Brad Pitt Steps In To Save His Kids After Scary Incident Under Angelina's Care
Their daughter got injured when Jolie wasn't watching!

‘It’s Him Or Me!’

Brad Pitt Upset Over Angelina Jolie’s Close Relationship With Her Brother
Find out how it tore their marriage apart.
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A Fresh Start

Angelina Jolie 'Has Fallen In Love!'
Six months after her split from Brad Pitt, she's ready to move on.
Angelina Jolie Brother James Haven LongAngelina Jolie Brother James Haven Square

Keep Away, Please!

Angelina Jolie’s Close Relationship With Her Brother ‘Made Brad [Pitt] Uncomfortable’...
James Haven lived with the couple and helped raise their children.

OK! Exclusive

Where's Daddy? Brangelina Daughter Vivienne Is NOT Handling The Split Well
Angelina Jolie is 'very worried about' her daughter as Brad Pitt divorce drags on.

Wasting Away!

Brad Pitt Sparks New Health Fears With Extreme Weight Loss!
Dramatic photos show the gaunt and sickly actor looking a shadow of his former self.

Special Report

Bad Breakups! 6 Stars Who Spewed Post-Romance Blues, Or Burned Memories (Literally!)
From Snapchat to music—this is DEFINITELY not how to deal with a failed relationship.

Back On Track

How Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie 'Cut Down On The Fighting' In Nasty Divorce
‘Things were extremely volatile and Angie was unraveling at the seams.’
Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Divorce Dating LongBrad Pitt Angelina Jolie Divorce Dating Square

Angelina Who?

Brad Pitt Buffs Up And Reignites Old Relationships As He Moves On From Jolie
The actor is dropping the pounds and feeling 'much happier' after their split.
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Family First!

Angelina Jolie Is Trying To Do Her Best Parenting Amidst Family Turmoil!
'Angie’s very worried about her' a source on the actress and her daughter Viv.
Angelina Billy Bob 7

Where's Her Loyalty?

Angelina Has Been Secretly Rekindling With Billy Bob Behind Brad's Back!
You won't believe how long their undercover relationship has been going on for.

Next Chapter!

Angelina Jolie & Maddox Look Happy As They Settle Into UK Life
The actress also gave her first lecture at the London School of Economics.

Family Drama!

Angelina Jolie Keeps Her Dad As Far Away From Her Kids As Possible
'She’ll never forgive or forget the past.'

Outta Here!

Angelina Jolie & All Her Kids Leave LA To Cambodia Amid Divorce Battle With Brad Pitt
Check out the photos of the the actress and her children at LAX!


See The Thai Artist Responsible For Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Binding Tattoos
Ironically, the tats were supposed to protect their marriage from the tests of time!

Moving On?

Angelina Jolie's Hunky Guy Spotted With Her Sons
See Brad Pitt's brood with mom's new guy.
billy bob thornton angelina jolie divorce

Entirely Insecure!

Billy Bob Thornton Has No Shame On Why Marriage With Angelina Ended!
'I never felt good enough for her' the actor on his ex, Angelina Jolie.

Is There Hope?

Jennifer Aniston Admits She Would 'Highly Consider' Reuniting With Brad Pitt!
"It’s more likely than a 'Friends' reunion!"