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Bachelor in Paradise

Say What?!

Danielle Lombard Reveals Dean Unglert ‘Was Encouraged’ To Break Up With Her On ‘BIP’...
He ‘made a complete fool of me on national television.’


Dean Unglert Continued Love Triangle Even After ‘BIP’ Filming Ended
‘My indecisiveness carried on after the season.’


Derek Peth’s Marriage Proposal To Taylor Nolan Will Make You Believe In True Love
Miss ‘emotional intelligence’ got a ring on it & even Corinne’s happy about it!

It’s Over!

‘Bachelor in Paradise' Couple Amanda Stanton & Robby Hayes Split
The two met on the current season of ‘BIP.’


'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Taylor Nolan & Derek Peth Get Engaged!
They found love in a hopeless place.

Say What?!

Corinne Olympios & DeMario Jackson Get VERY Close In Chance Encounter
The 'Bachelor in Paradise' cast members have evidently moved past their sex scandal.
corinne olympios smiles making peace demario Jackson pics square

Weight Lifted!

Corinne Olympios Is All Smiles After Making Peace With DeMario Jackson
The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star says she has ‘nothing against’ her co-star.

Out The Friend Zone!

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Wells Adams and Danielle Maltby Officially Dating?
Find out if the two took their relationship to the next level.

‘I’m Not A Monster’

DeMario Jackson Breaks Down In Tears During Tell-All ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Interview...
The reality star finally opened up about the show's infamous sex scandal.

Set Your DVRs!

Corinne Olympios Is FINALLY Telling All About The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Sex Scandal...
This is the first time the reality TV star is telling her side of the story.

Love Triangle!

Dean Unglert’s Playing Games With Girls’ Hearts On ‘BIP’ & It’s SERIOUSLY Messed Up...
‘I don't know who [he] thinks he is.’

It’s A…

'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Evan Bass & Carly Waddell Reveal The Sex Of Their Baby
Find out what the parents-to-be are expecting!


Raven Gates Reveals She Was ‘Sexually Assaulted’ In Past ‘Abusive’ Relationship’...
The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star shared her story on Tuesday night’s episode.

Shocking Confession!

DeMario Jackson Admits Suicide ‘Crossed My Mind’ After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Scandal...
‘I [didn’t] even want to live anymore.’

Get ALL The Details!

The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Cast Finally Addresses The Show’s Sex Scandal
The contestants discussed what really went down between DeMario and Corinne.

‘Paradise Baby!’

Evan Bass & Carly Waddell Tell All About Their ‘Surprise’ Pregnancy
The newlyweds have already taken a test to find out their child’s gender.

Get Caught Up!

10 Things You May Have Missed From The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Premiere
The season started off with a bang.

Prepare Yourself!

You HAVE To See This ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Preview
One contestant makes a huge splash.


DeMario Jackson's Cryptic Message On His Shirt Will Make Your Jaw Drop
The 'Bachelor In Paradise' season is premiering on Monday.

Retail Therapy!

Corinne Olympios Spotted Looking Somber Days Before 'Bachelor In Paradise' Airs!
The reality television star and DeMario Jackson got into more drama recently!