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Beau Mirchoff

6 Of 'Awkward's' Most Awkward Moments Ever In Honor of Tonight's Finale
MTV's Awkward is, you guessed it, incredibly awkward. Between relationship issues, friendship problems and everything in between, sitting down to watch the show guarantees cringing at least once—but that's why we love it! We figured there's no better way to …
Who Were They Before They Got 'Awkward.'? TV Shows The 'Awkward.' Cast Used to Be ...
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'Awkward''s Beau Mirchoff is Impressed by Selena Gomez—Here's Why!
Awkward star Beau Mirchoff got to work with Selena Gomez in Disney's TV movie The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex, and he's sharing what it was like to share scenes with her! Beau revealed in an interview that he's …
4 OMG Moments From The Season 3 Premiere of 'Awkward.'
We're thinking of last night's season 3 premiere of Awkward. as MTV's big old "you're welcome" to all of us 20-somethings who were as obsessed with and missed this show as much as we did. Now that Jenna (…
OK! Catch Up: Get to Know 'Awkward' Before Tonight's Premiere
You've heard people talking about Awkward before, and it seems adorable. Who can resist a high-school show? The third season premieres tonight, but don't feel like you're behind the times. Catch up here and you're ready to go! Awkward is …