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Brad Pitt Tell All BookBrad Pitt Tell All

Watch Out, Angelina!

Brad Pitt Is Writing A Tell-All & THIS Is What's In It!
The normally private A-lister will reveal the truth behind his divorce from Jolie.

OK! Exclusive

Is Brad In The Midst Of A Makeover? Pitt Is 'Trying To Get Better'
The actor has been working on mending his reputation post Angelina divorce.
Brad Pitt Skinny Pics

Worse By The Day

Brad Pitt Looks Like He's Aged 20 Years In A Matter Of Months & It's Seriously Scary
Click through for the mind boggling before-and-after photos.


Brad Pitt And Leonardo DiCaprio Have A Bromance And We're Totally Here For It
The two have been spending time at the 53-year-old's art studio says a source.

Shocking New Details

Boozy Brad! Pitt’s Drinking Was Apparently Even Worse Than He Let On
The actor was 'drinking himself into oblivion.'
Brad Pitt SkinnyBrad Pitt Skinny

Wasting Away!

Is Brad Okay? These New Photos Of Pitt Are Seriously Scary
Saved by the belt! The actor's pants were basically falling right off of him.
Brad pitt alist pals

Celebrity Support

Brad Pitt Leans On A-List Pals During Angelina Divorce
He's lost Jolie, but his inner circle is still full of stars!

Booze & Drugs!

Brad Pitt Tells All On His Secret Addictions In No-Holds-Barred Interview
PLUS find out who he blames for his split from Angelina Jolie.
Brad Pitt GQ Interview Booze Therapy Divorce Square


Brad Pitt Admits He's Been ‘Boozing Too Much’ & It Might Have Ruined His Marriage
Is he trying to win Angelina Jolie back with this confession?


Smoking & Drinking Overload! Brad Pitt’s Big Confession: ‘I Was Boozing Too Much’...
The actor opens up for the first time since Angie divorce.

Bye, Brad!

Angelina Jolie Throws A Divorce Party Post-Pitt
She doesn't want him anywhere near the A-list bash.
Brad Pitt Mom


Brad Pitt Moved In With His Mom After His Divorce & It Might Be The Cutest Thing Ever
The actor is being babied by mommy dearest after Angelina Jolie broke his heart.


These Scary Skinny Photos Of Brad Pitt Are Truly Worrisome
The actor looks more gaunt than ever as deals with his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

What's Wrong!

Brad Pitt Shows Off SHOCKING New Look
The actor was almost unrecognizable in LA!

Enough Is Enough!

Brad Pitt Steps In To Save His Kids After Scary Incident Under Angelina's Care
Their daughter got injured when Jolie wasn't watching!

Fast Facts

Jennifer Garner Is Having Twins With Ben Affleck, A Source Claims
Get the latest on your favorite A-listers.

‘It’s Him Or Me!’

Brad Pitt Upset Over Angelina Jolie’s Close Relationship With Her Brother
Find out how it tore their marriage apart.
Angelina Jolie Brother James Haven Square

Keep Away, Please!

Angelina Jolie’s Close Relationship With Her Brother ‘Made Brad [Pitt] Uncomfortable’...
James Haven lived with the couple and helped raise their children.

OK! Exclusive

Where's Daddy? Brangelina Daughter Vivienne Is NOT Handling The Split Well
Angelina Jolie is 'very worried about' her daughter as Brad Pitt divorce drags on.

Wasting Away!

Brad Pitt Sparks New Health Fears With Extreme Weight Loss!
Dramatic photos show the gaunt and sickly actor looking a shadow of his former self.