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Courtesy of InstagramCourtesy of Instagram
Watch The #CandidlyNicole Season Finale ‘CLASSberg Is In Session’ Here!
When talking etiquette rules, Nicole Richie’s bestie Derek Blasberg is the man for the job. Not only is Derek the Editor at Large of Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine and VMAN, but the author of a book entitled “Classy: …
Nicole Richie
Watch The New #CandidlyNicole Episode ‘Nicole Knows Hip Hop’ Here!
Nicole Richie revealed that while she loves rap music, she can’t always relate to the songs. So what better way to find the perfect track than to write it about your life? Thanks to the help of brother-in-law Benji Madden…
Nicole Richie Nails
Watch The New #CandidlyNicole Episode ‘Nailed It’ Here!
Nail art is all the rage, but what are the hottest designs? Nicole Richie sits down with her bestie Derek Blasberg and manicurist Kimmie Kyees to get the low down on MAN-icures, nail care and more. Kimmie even reveals which …
Nicole Richie
Watch The New #CandidlyNicole Episode ‘Hoop Dreams’ Here!
We all know that Nicole Richie has game, but does she have what it takes to be a professional basketball player? The hilarious star met up with Minnesota Timberwolves forward Lazar Hayward to learn about the sport and find out …
Nicole Richie Adam Shankman
Watch The New #CandidlyNicole Episode ‘Nicole’s Big Audition’ Here!
What does it take to be in one of Adam Shankman’s movies? Nicole Richie sits down with her friend to get the scoop and see why he hasn’t cast her in a movie yet. Watch Nicole’s impromptu audition for Adam …
Nicole RichieNicole Richie
Watch The New #CandidlyNicole Episode ‘Nicole's New Cirque Workout’ Here!
Nicole Richie decided to spice up her fitness routine this week by trying a Cirque class. From the tightrope to silk scarves, see all the core crunching Cirque moves the fashionista learned above in this week’s installment of #CandidlyNicole.…
Nicole Richie Instagram
Watch The New #CandidlyNicole Episode ‘Pageant Obsessed’ Here!
Did Nicole Richie miss her chance to be a pageant queen? Not yet! In this week’s #CandidlyNicole, Nicole meets with a prestige pageant coach to see if she has what it takes to beat her competition. Watch the video …
Nicole Richie on 'Extra' at The Grove with Mario Lopez
Watch The New #CandidlyNicole Episode ‘How Not to Pick Up A Guy’ Here!
While Nicole Richie may not be in the dating world anymore, she still knows a thing or two about how to pick a great guy (AKA her amazing hubby Joel Madden)! So what does a girl do to find …
21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Red Carpet
Watch The New #CandidlyNicole Episode ‘Sleep Secrets’ Here!
Nicole Richie revealed this week on #CandidlyNicole that she’s a huge fan of sleep. The star loves getting zzz’s so much that she jokingly tweeted out, “being awake is overrated.” To make sure she is utilizing her sleep time properly, …
Nicole Richie Instagram
Watch The New #CandidlyNicole Episode ‘Selfie How To’ Here!
Before heading down to a photoshoot, Nicole Richie chatted with celebrity photographer, Andrew Macpherson, on how to achieve the perfect selfie. From the best lighting to the most flattering angle, Andrew reveals all. Find out the secret tips in …
Splash NewsSplash News
Watch the New #CandidlyNicole Episode 'Day With Dad' Here!
Who knew Lionel Richie was so into gardening? In this week's #CandidlyNicole, Nicole Richie and her little sister Sofia celebrated Father's Day by heading outdoors and learning more about their dad's favorite hobby. Watch the video above for all the …
Splash News
Watch the New #CandidlyNicole Episode 'Bangs & Bobs' Here!
After a quick trim from her favorite stylist, Nicole Richie couldn't help but listen in on Andy Lecompte's next consultation. Nicole is a fashion and beauty maven, so the client was thrilled to hear her suggestion for a bob …
Splash News
Watch the New #CandidlyNicole Episode 'Think Like a Drag Queen' Here!
Nicole Richie learned how to "Think Like a Drag Queen' this week on #CandidlyNicole. "The drag mentality is taking what you have and turning the volume up to 14," said RuPaul, drag queen extraordinaire. After finding …
Watch the New #CandidlyNicole Episode 'Homie Hopper' Here!
In this week's episode of #CandidlyNicole, viewers get the lowdown on what's hot and what's not through the eyes of a teenager. Nicole Richie chatted with her little sister Sofia and her friends about everything from cool slang …
Watch the New #CandidlyNicole Episode Here!
The latest episode of #CandidlyNicole has been released and it covers an important issue—what to wear on a first date. While shopping with her friend Erin, Nicole Richie has her pal Ben tag along to give a guy's perspective. Watch …