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Your Afternoon "Aww": Which Country Singer Do These Holiday Pets Belong To?
Is there anything better than cranking up classic Christmas songs and cuddling with your pets? We think not! Today’s mystery star did just that as she relaxed by the fire with her pup and two cats. To find out which country singer we’re chatting about, you have to solve today’s Afternoon “Aww”. To do so, Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": You Won't Believe The Mischief Chris Colfer's Cat Got Into!
You know how kids say the darndest things? Well pets officially do the silliest things! Chris Colfer posted today’s Afternoon “Aww” and we couldn’t help but chuckle after seeing the mischief his sweet cat Brian got into! Can you imagine expecting to walk into a room with your furry friend’s angelic face like this: But instead your kitty Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": Can You Guess Which Superstar This Kitty Belongs To?
We’re continuing with the theme of celebrity pets this week and thought it was time to feature a cuddly cat! While dogs seem to be a star favorite, we can’t forget about our other furry friends! With that, we found one of the most iconic kitties in Hollywood for today’s Afternoon “Aww.” See if you Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": Taylor Swift's Fashion Forward Feline Meredith
Taylor Swift is a girl after my own heart—a fashionista! With a fabulous shoe collection like Taylor’s, you would think the singer would have no problem choosing the perfect finishing touch to a killer outfit. The superstar reminded fans that she really is just like you and I by admitting that she needed help from her fashion forward Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": Watch Two Cats Play Ping Pong In This Fun GIF
Happy Friday everyone! While the weekend has finally arrived, we found two party animals who started the celebration early with a little round of ping pong. Check out the GIF of the little guys’ fun below. Photos: See Yesterday’s Afternoon “Aww” of the Viral Video Shark Week Cat Are you a fan of ping pong? Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": Meet the Famous Shark Week Cat!
If you haven’t seen the amazing shark week inspired video you need to ASAP! The viral flick has already appeared on the Today Show and is making it’s way around to other shows. Watch the full clip here and check out a GIF of the superstar kitty below. Photos: See Yesterday’s Afternoon “Aww” of An Unexpected Animal Read More
Britain's Heaviest Cat Forced to Go On Diet to Lose 17 Pounds
Britain's heaviest cat has officially been forced to go on a diet after reaching 30 pounds. Ulric's owner, Jan Mitchell, entered him in PDSA Pet Fit Club where 21 animals will be participate in a six month diet and exercise plan. Stay tuned to see if Ulric reaches his goal weight of 13 pounds. Also, find Read More
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