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You’ve Got To See These Adorable Pictures Of Celebs With Their Dogs
Some claim that these fuzzy animals have saved their lives.
WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal Walks His Adorable Dog With A Friend!
Jake Gyllenhaal is even recognizable covered up in shades, a hat, and a winter coat! The handsome actor was spotted in the East Village, walking his cute German Shepard, Atticus. The actor tried to be under the radar, but he wasn’t able to hide from the paparazzi! PHOTOS: Celebrities And Their Pets  Jake stopped in the Read More
Celebrities And Their Pets: PHOTOS
Brandi Glanville Adopts Another Dog—See Pics Of Her Precious New Pup Here!
After Brandi Glanville’s tragic loss back in June, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has now added another pup to her family. While no dog can ever replace her late chihuahua Chica, Brandi does seem to have found love again with her latest pup Luna. According to Twitter, the precious pooch was a surprise from Brandi’s new assistant Read More
Find Out Why Everyone Is Barking About Kaley Cuoco's Wedding Cakes
Kaley Cuoco’s surprise New Year’s Eve wedding was nothing but magical. So why is everyone barking over the blonde beauty’s wedding cakes? Because The Butter End Cakery not only created an edible chandelier for the ceremony (which you have to see here), but a groom’s cake for Ryan Sweeting inspired by the couple’s precious pups. Photos: The 12 Hottest New Celebrity Read More
Your "Afternoon Aww": See Andy Cohen's Adorable Dog Wacha Covered In Snow!
Winter storm Hercules showered the Northeast with inches of snow last night, but that didn’t stop Andy Cohen’s Beagle Wacha from enjoying the winter wonderland this morning. The Watch What Happens Live host couldn’t help but share the adorable snapshot below of his powdery pup. Seriously, you can’t help but smile after looking at his little snow covered face! Plus, how cute Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": See Taylor Swift's Cat Meredith Photobomb Sarah Hyland's New Yea...
On Sunday Selena Gomez posted one of our favorite Instagrams ever. Just in case you missed out, the singer shared a screenshot video chatting with Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. Amazing, right? Well, Sarah Hyland might have just taken the winner’s spot with a New Year’s Eve photobomb by Taylor’s cat Meredith.  “Happy New years (I look Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": Did Liam Payne Get This Huge Boa Constrictor For Christmas?
When Liam Payne’s TwitPic popped up on our newsfeed Saturday we weren’t sure to be over the moon thanks to his hotness or terrified by the huge boa constrictor is his buff arms. Naturally his good looks won us over, but we couldn’t help but wonder—where on Earth did this gigantic snake come from? One Direction Read More
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Your Afternoon "Aww": Which Country Singer Do These Holiday Pets Belong To?
Is there anything better than cranking up classic Christmas songs and cuddling with your pets? We think not! Today’s mystery star did just that as she relaxed by the fire with her pup and two cats. To find out which country singer we’re chatting about, you have to solve today’s Afternoon “Aww”. To do so, Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": Can You Guess Which Pretty Little Liar Star This MaltiPoo Belong...
You know and love her on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, but how much do you really know about the celebrity outside of the show? From her taste in music to lovable pets, think you can pinpoint the mystery star were talking about? We’ll give you a few hints (which can be found below), along with an Read More
Your Afternoon “Aww”: Can You Guess Which Singer These Precious Pups Belongs To?
The world fell is love with today’s mystery star back in 2004 when she hit the music industry with her sultry pipes and hot bod. A lot has changed since her first hit as the singer has now taken home countless awards and even landed a cute fiancé! The ride wouldn’t have been the same without Read More
Your Afternoon “Aww”: Can You Guess Which Real Housewives Star This Morkie Belongs To?...
Little Jackpot joins the ranks of cutest Bravolebrity pets alongside Lisa Vanderpump’s pup Giggy and Andy Cohen’s new dog Wacha. But which lucky lady does the adorable Morkie belong to? Read our five clues below to see if you can pinpoint the mystery celebrity owner. Still can’t peg the Real Housewives’ star? Head down to the bottom Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": Meet Zayn Malik's New Pet In His Smoking Hot Selfie!
Perrie Edwards is one lucky lady to be engaged to the beautiful Zayn Malik. While he may officially be off the market now, that doesn’t mean we can’t still swoon over his gorgeous selfies! Besides his piercing hazel eyes and black spiky locks, we noticed a new edition to the One Direction singer’s photo. No it Read More
Guess Who? The 10 Celebs Who Look Like Their Pets
Your Afternoon "Aww": Can You Guess Which Reality Star This Chihuahua Belongs To?
We’ve featured quite a few animal activists in the past, but our mystery star gives them all a run for their money. From puppies to ferrets, today’s Afternoon “Aww” has a big heart her “fur children.” Speaking of little ones, the celebrity also welcomed a baby girl in March! Get the inside scoop on which reality Read More
Your Afternoon “Aww”: Can You Guess Which Beauty These Jack Russells Belong To?
We have to ask—did you tune in last night to the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? We still can’t get over how gorgeous and fit all the Angels looked strutting their stuff down the glittery catwalk. In honor of the glamorous festivities, today’s Afternoon “Aww” is dedicated to one of the show’s bombshells. To find out which Read More
Your Afternoon “Aww”: Can You Guess Which Supermodel This Yorkshire Terrier Belongs To...
You might recognize today’s Afternoon “Aww” from paparazzi photos as the Yorkshire Terrier is often spotted walking with her celebrity parents. She is also featured frequently on the mystery supermodel’s Instagram page! With the help of our five clues, we have a feeling you will pinpoint the star with no problem. Plus, you might learn a Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": 5 Reasons Why We're Obsessed With @HarlowandSage On Instagram
Instagram isn’t just for humans anymore as countless pets (well owners) have taken to the social media modem to showcase their sweet snapshots. Our latest obsession is an account called @HarlowandSage. Check out today’s Afternoon “Aww” below along with five reasons why we can’t get enough of the pups and their hilarious photos! Photo: See Carrie Read More
Your Afternoon "Aww": Watch Carrie Underwood Get the "Supper-Stare Down" From Her Dog ...
After watching Carrie Underwood’s adorable Vine, I immediately related to her dog Ace. You know the feeling when you’re sitting in class or a meeting with nothing but dinner on your mind? It seems as if the clock is in slow motion, right? Video: Find Out Why Carrie Underwood Thinks She’s Too Young For Kids Little Ace Read More