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General Hospital

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Want to Know More About Dr. Patrick Drake on 'General Hospital'? Jason Thompson Will&n...
Do you remember trying to figure out how to correctly say all those Harry Potter spells? You couldn’t see a movie without referring to them! Well, we’d imagine that feeling is similar to memorizing and properly pronouncing medical jargon—and then …
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Jack Wagner Talks About 'General Hospital' Nostalgia
General Hospital has hit the major half-century mark! A 50-year-old TV gig is a big deal, and Jack Wagner doesn’t mind bringing up 1980s nostalgia in this special OK!-TV interview. OK! News: Was Shia LaBeouf Your Celeb Crush?…
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What 'General Hospital' Character Is Kin Shriner Super Close With?
“Putting on an old sweatshirt.” Photos: Kate Middleton Hiding Her Bump! That’s how Kin Shriner describes the feeling of watching General Hospital. Because it’s been on for 50 years, the show has become a comfortable and happy part of …
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Finola Hughes of 'General Hospital' Thinks Soap Acting Takes Discipline!
The long days, the set changes, the line-memorizing—acting isn’t an easy job. General Hospital‘s Finola Hughes is one actress that can attest to all the meaningful effort it takes to put on a TV show. The soap star plays …