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General Hospital

Want to Know More About Dr. Patrick Drake on 'General Hospital'? Jason Thompson Will E...
Do you remember trying to figure out how to correctly say all those Harry Potter spells? You couldn’t see a movie without referring to them! Well, we’d imagine that feeling is similar to memorizing and properly pronouncing medical jargon—and then saying it on TV. OK! News: 8 Hilarious Celebrity Spoof Accounts on Twitter That’s what Read More
Jack Wagner Talks About 'General Hospital' Nostalgia
General Hospital has hit the major half-century mark! A 50-year-old TV gig is a big deal, and Jack Wagner doesn’t mind bringing up 1980s nostalgia in this special OK!-TV interview. OK! News: Was Shia LaBeouf Your Celeb Crush? Watch: Finola Hughes Talks About Soap Acting Jack Wagner plays Frisco Jones and was on the show during Read More
What 'General Hospital' Character Is Kin Shriner Super Close With?
“Putting on an old sweatshirt.” Photos: Kate Middleton Hiding Her Bump! That’s how Kin Shriner describes the feeling of watching General Hospital. Because it’s been on for 50 years, the show has become a comfortable and happy part of life for viewers. Are you a Scotty Baldwin fan? If you love to hate him or Read More
Finola Hughes of 'General Hospital' Thinks Soap Acting Takes Discipline!
The long days, the set changes, the line-memorizing—acting isn’t an easy job. General Hospital‘s Finola Hughes is one actress that can attest to all the meaningful effort it takes to put on a TV show. The soap star plays Anna Devane on the popular Soap and told OK!-TV that acting in up to 70 scenes Read More