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Parks and Recreation CastParks and Recreation Cast
Gotta See It GIF of the Day: Does Parks and Recreation Have A New Couple? Check Out th...
Funny ladies Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza always know how to make us smile! While filming their hilarious show Parks and Recreation, the two leading ladies played a major prank on photographers. What did they do? To poke fun at the paparazzi lurking outside the set for juicy shots, Amy and Aubrey pretended to make out! Check it out below in Read More
Gotta See It GIF of the Day: Watch Harry Styles Twerk at the Teen Choice Awards!
Harry Styles had the crowd screaming at the Teen Choice Awards just by standing up, so of course when he started twerking the audience went wild! There are so many hidden gems among this GIF that are amazing on so many levels. From Ed Sheeran cracking up in the corner to LL Cool J’s confused Read More
Gotta See It GIFs of the Day: Dance the Night Away For J-Lo's Birthday!
Jennifer Lopez has come a long way since her “Jenny From the Block” days. Throughout her career, Jennifer has proved she can tackle any industry as the star now adds producer, actress, philanthropist and entrepreneur to her lengthy resume. While there are countless things we love about J-Lo, her mad dance moves will always be our favorite. Check out some Read More
Gotta See It GIF of the Day: The Royal Baby Masters The Royal Wave
This amazing GIF is making the rounds today, following the birth of the Royal Baby. And while we can’t tell you its origin, we CAN tell you these three things: 1.) Kate looks incredible 2.) The Royal Baby is waving 3.) THE ROYAL BABY IS WAVING! Photos: See the Royal Baby Up Close!  As I Read More
Gotta See It GIF Of The Day: Attack of the Royal Corgis
OK, so maybe they’re not THE royal dogs, but they certainly LOOK like Queen Elizabeth‘s pack of corgis, don’t they? OK! News: Hooray! The Royal Baby is Here!  And because we’re way too frazzled to effectively convey just how excited we are about the birth of the Royal Baby, we need these pups to tell Read More
Gotta See It GIF Of the Day: Kitten In Mittens
Is this not the best GIF you’ve ever seen in your life? Thank you Reddit for sharing this precious kitty wearing mittens with the world. While clothes for animals have become the norm in our society, pets still need some time to get used to the foreign objects. Hence our  Gotta See it GIF of the Day! Read More
Gotta See it GIF of the Day: Cause Baby You're a Firework
To celebrate Fourth of July tomorrow, we thought it was only fitting to jam out to Katy Perry’s Firework all day. With this in mind, we couldn’t not dedicate our Gotta See it GIF of the Day the popstar’s tune. Check out the amazing GIF from Katy’s music video below and of course, have a very Read More
Gotta See it GIFs of the Day: Happy Birthday Mindy Kaling!
Happy birthday to the hilarious Mindy Kaling! To celebrate Mindy's special day, we've compiled 8 of her amazing GIFS from The Mindy Project and The Office that are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Check them out below and don't forget to wish Mindy a happy birthday on Twitter @MindyKaling. News: 10 Things Kelly Kapoor of 'The Office' Taught Us Read More
Gotta See it GIF of the Day: Royal Fan Gets Big Surprise posted this adorable GIF of a royal fan getting a very exciting surprise—a picture of Prince William and Prince Harry! After playing in a charity polo match, the brother's were heading out when they bumped into a very excited fan. See her amazing reaction below in our Gotta See It GIF of the Day! News: First Lady Fashionista: Check Out Read More
Gotta See it GIF of the Day: Leonardo DiCaprio Shows Off Major Dance Moves in 'The Wol...
The official trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street was released today and we can't get over this amazing scene of Leonardo DiCaprio breaking it down! With an all-star cast including Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey, we can only imagine the greatness that will hit theatres this November. Check out Leo's major dance moves below in our Gotta Read More
Gotta See it GIF of the Day: Precious Pup in a Bowl
Reddit has been buzzing today with this precious pup. The GIF has viewers oohing and ahhing as the little guys seems forever stuck in the bowl. Seriously, can we just stare at this puppy all day? Cuteness overload! See what we're talking about in the Gotta See It GIF of the Day below. News: OK! Exclusive: Lauren Read More
Gotta See it GIF of the Day: 'Pretty Little Liars' Edition
Pretty Little Liars finally returns tonight at 8/7c with it’s season four premiere! Last season was full of twists and turns, so we can't wait to see what mischief "A" is up to now. While you're waiting for the latest adventures of Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria, check out Shay Mitchell's cute Gotta See It GIF of the Day below! News: Read More
Gotta See it GIF of the Day: Happy Birthday to 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Tayl...
A big happy birthday is in order today for Taylor Armstrong! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star celebrated her special day this weekend with family and friends by the pool and later at a special birthday dinner. See the fabulous Bravolebrity below in our Gotta See It GIF of the Day and don't forget to tweet her a happy Read More
Gotta See it GIF of the Day: Benedict Cumberbatch's Deleted Shower Scene From 'Star Tr...
We just stumbled across this steamy GIF of Benedict Cumberbatch that BuzzFeed posted. The deleted scene from Star Trek Into Darkness was too hot not to share, so take a look below to see our Gotta See it GIF of the Day. Also, don't forget to check out the film—it's in theatres now!  News: Bruce Jenner Rips Into Jimmy Fallon Over Plastic Surgery Jokes—Watch Read More
Gotta See it GIF of the Day: Rihanna Slaps Michael Cera Like "This is the End"
While filming a scene for the new comedy This is the End, GQ reports that Michael Cera asked Rihanna if he could slap her butt. The article explains how the singer agreed, but joked that she would slap him harder in return. On the third take Rihanna accidently cupped Michael's ear mid-slap—ouch! Check out our Gotta See it GIF of Read More
Gotta See it GIF of the Day: Milania on Next Week's 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'
Our favorite Real Housewives of New Jersey star is at it again. Thanks to next week's preview, we found this gem of Milania with her family on a party bus yelling, "I'm Melissa…going on a pole!" Fans experienced major tension between Teresa and Melissa on Sunday's season premiere, so let's hope the fabulous ladies don't let the comment interfere with the rekindling of their families. Read More
Gotta See it GIF of the Day: Will and Jaden Smith Dance "The Carlton" With Alfonso Rib...
We're huge fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, so of course when we saw the amazing performance Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro gave on The Graham Norton Show we were over the moon. Plus, there is nothing like "The Carlton" to brighten your Wednesday! Watch the full performance here and check out the cute Read More