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Healthy Eats

Healthy Eats: A Great Use for Leftover Butternut Squash
There are times when I think leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving dinner, but if you find yourself with a container of roasted butternut squash and nary an idea of what to do with it, we’ve found a solution! Chef Molly McCook, co-owner and Executive Chef at Ellerbe Fine Foods in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Read More
Healthy Eats: Arctic Zero Delivers a Yummy Pumpkin Pie Alternative
If you love pumpkin pie but are trying to slow your roll during Thanksgiving dinner, Arctic Zero offers a delicious alternative that will satisfy your sweet tooth for the seasonal dessert without the guilt. Their Pumpkin & Maple Milkshake is a must-try for anyone who has the beginning of pumpkin season circled on their calendar Read More
Healthy Eats: Make Your Protein Bar Work For You
For the woman on the go, protein bars can become a best friend. They’re portable, they’re sweet and they keep you going. But there are better ways to use a protein bar to benefit your body than simply something to snack on while you’re stuck in traffic traveling from point A to point B. Certified Read More
Healthy Eats: You Will Love Gourmet Garden's Healthy Chicken Quesadillas with Cilantro...
Fresh herbs and spices can really make or break a dish, but keeping them on hand for use at a moment’s notice can be tricky. In my house a bunch of fresh basil may go wilted and unnoticed in the back of the fridge or I’ll be prepping a dish that calls for parsley and Read More
Healthy Eats: Guilt-Free Molten Lava Cake? Yes, Please!
If you’ve read some of my previous Healthy Eats post, you may have noticed that I have a major weakness for chocolate. So when LA-based certified trainer Holly Perkins walked me through her Promax LS Chocolate Fudge Bar Molten Lava Cake recipe (which is as guilt-free as the dessert can be), I was in heaven. Read More
Healthy Eats: Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving With This Protein Shake
I’m always looking for ways to game the system and satisfy my chocolate cravings while staying within my dietary budget. Fitness expert and trainer Chris Powell (who you may remember from ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition) offers up a delicious protein shake recipe that delivers all kinds of good stuff while feeding my need Read More
Healthy Eats: A Delicious Apple Dessert That Won't Break The Caloric Bank
‘Tis the season for apple and pumpkin everything, but many of our beloved autumnal desserts carry a hefty caloric price tag. New York-based nutritionist, personal trainer and exercise physiologist Franci Cohen understands the food temptations all of the fall festivities can bring so here she offers a scrumptious-sounding dessert that is good and good for Read More
Healthy Eats: A Quinoa Salad From Zoës Kitchen Too Simple Not To Try
If you want fresh, delicious, Mediterranean-inspired food, you head to Zoës Kitchen. If you’re not lucky enough to live near one of their locations, you try this scrumptious and slimming quinoa salad recipe the restaurant chain was kind enough to offer OK!. Prepare for your mouth to start watering. OK! News: Try Raspberry Ketones To Read More
Healthy Eats: Try Yummy Recipes From CPK's Lightened Up Menu
California Pizza Kitchen is more than just pizza (I still say they have one of the best caesar salads around, and I’m a connisseur) and recently the chain introduced a lightened up menu featuring delish items like quinoa and arugula salad, white corn guacamole and shrimp scampi zucchini fettucine. How can such yummy sounding dishes Read More
Healthy Eats: Make Your Own Juice and Smoothies With Hurom
Drinking your nutrients is all the rage but those good-for-you fancy juices and smoothies really start to add up. I love the idea of packing my greens into a yummy, cold drink from any of the popular juiceries, but my bank account does not. Since I’m a DIY kinda gal anyway (and a lover of Read More
Healthy Eats: Switch Up Your Diet For Fall With These Tips
As we approach fall, you may find yourself spending more time indoors and less time being active outdoors. If you find yourself heading into a Fall/Freshman 15 feeding frenzy, you’re not alone, according to personal trainer, certified nutritionist and exercise physiologist Franci Cohen. OK! News: Beverages To Help Kick Your Soda Habit “Whether you’re going Read More
Healthy Eats: Yummy Bites That Allow You To Snack Freely
If you’re a grazer like me, finding good-for-you snacks is imperative to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And while admittedly I have the superpower to house an entire box of chocolate chip cookies in a single bound, these days I’m showing some self-restraint and reaching for quick bites that are delicious have more nutritious properties, as Read More
Chef Roble Offers a Healthy, Easy Back-to-School Dinner Idea
It’s back to school time which means moms are busier than ever getting kiddos ready to hit the books. Between school drop-offs, pickups, homework and everything in between, finding the time to create a healthy dinner the whole family will actually eat can be tough, but it’s Chef Roble Ali to the rescue! The Bravo Read More
Healthy Eats: Good-For-You Summer Barbecue Swaps You'll Love
Sure, when most of us think of barbecues images of hamburgers and hot dogs dance in our heads. But it’s August and haven’t you had enough of the traditional, calorie-heavy fare? There are still plenty of pool parties to be had in 2013, my friends, so Christine Avanti, celebrity nutritionist and author of Skinny Chicks Read More
Healthy Eats: The Vegan Pie Hollywood Can't Stop Eating
Stars like Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, Ed Begley, David Duchovny and Barbra Streisand are seriously obsessed with the Pi Bake Shop in LA. Chef Morgan Simons is not only known for her classics, but her healthy, vegan options as well and we scored her secret recipe for the Gluten Free/Vegan Peach Pie—get your baking mitts Read More
Healthy Eats: The Truth About Beauty Beverages
Does the idea of drinking your beauty seem too good to be true? With new innovations in the world of beauty beverages, there are several drinks on the market that are making it easier than ever for you to get everything you need for beautiful skin right through your straw. Celebrity nutritionist Paula Simpson is Read More
Healthy Eats: Try a Light, Delish Dish That's Vegetarian-Friendly
If you've ever even mildly entertained the idea of trying the vegetarian life, Gardein's line of meat-free products just might convince you to give it a go. This yummy salad from celebrity chef Tal Ronnen, who has cooked for the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, features the brand's Crispy Tenders (which are delicious, Read More
Healthy Eats: Must-Try Cookbooks That Will Befriend Your Waistline
Warmer weather months and seriously cute summer fashion trends are reminding me to slow my roll and consciously eat healthier, so I've been on the hunt for cookbooks offering healthy recipes that won't leave me scrounging for a Snickers bar. Here are three that meet all of my requirements: Watch: Kelly Osbourne Defends Kim Kardashian's Read More
Healthy Eats: New Recipes From The Food Program by Tracy Anderson
No one knows a good bikini bod like Tracy Anderson. So, we're psyched the trainer to stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian is launching a new, delivery meal service called The Food Program (because you know that frozen dinner that claims to be low-cal, isn't). OK!'s 12 Week Countdown To Summer Week Read More
Healthy Eats: Good-For-You Recipes For Your Memorial Day BBQ
Holiday weekends are a time to have fun and indulge, but you can balance out the heavy foods with some light and flavorful dishes. Franci Cohen, a certified nutritionist, personal trainer and exercise physiologist offers up a few of her favorite dishes for your Memorial Day eating pleasure. OK! News: Patriotic Fashion Finds For Your Read More