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House of Cards

11 Reasons Why Scandal Is Better Than House of Cards
Both Scandal and House of Cards are buzzy dramas about life behind the political scene in Washington DC. The shows have more similarities than differences—exhaustive political cover-ups, unlikely murders, truly evil characters, a tendency to force their fans into viewing binges—but today we’re arguing for Scandal‘s superiority. Of course, there are a lot of SPOILERS Read More
Will Kevin Spacey Host The 2015 Oscars?
“Oh, you’re just getting into the Spaceman?” This was the response I got from my proclamation that I am totally, unequivocally obsessed with Kevin Spacey after he appeared on both the Oscars telecast and Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s post-show extravaganza—so apparently I’m a little late to the game.  (Thanks to my brother, for that gem.) As far as Read More
Welcome to the OK! TV Awards. Vote for the Best New Show of the Year!
Here at, we got into this line of business pretty much so we can talk about TV all day. We love TV, so we're celebrating the end of the season by awarding the very best that the glimmering box had to offer in 2012-2013. OK! News: How The Mindy Project makes totally normal-looking guys Read More