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Jana Duggar

Shocking Behavior!

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Jana Duggar’s Rebel Suitor
The bad boy is a lot more 'liberal' than his possible future in-laws.

‘Liberal’ Lover!

Jana Duggar’s New Man Doesn’t Follow Her Family’s Strict Courtship Rules
‘He's a bit different in his thinking…’

Daily Roundup

Rebel Suitor! Jana Duggar’s New Man Doesn’t Follow Courtship Rules
Will dad Jim Bob approve of Cinderella Duggar’s 'liberal' boyfriend?

Single Lady?

Jana Duggar’s ‘Boyfriend’ Sets The Record Straight About Their ‘Relationship’...
‘I'm here to clear the water!’

See The Pic!

Fans Think This Guy Is Courting Jana Duggar
Has the 27-year-old finally found true love?

At Odds?

Here's What Jana Duggar REALLY Thinks About Joseph & Kendra’s Relationship
The 27-year-old reality star didn't hold back!

Baby-Making Time

Hear What The Duggars Have To Say About Joe & Kendra's Rush Wedding
‘Be fruitful and multiply!’

The Latest!

The Duggar Update You Didn’t Know You Needed
Find out who’s getting married, having babies & courting.

Finally Preggers?

Jana Duggar Just Spilled Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo’s Baby Nursery Plans!
Find out more about the reality star’s infant prep.

Sex, Lies & More!

8 Times The Duggars Broke The Internet – Inside The Family’s Biggest Scandals
They've definitely gotten their hands dirty quite a few times.

The Latest!

Get Caught Up On All Things Duggar!
Find out who’s tying the knot, who’s having babies & who’s courting.

Cinderella Duggar!

Jana's Back To Babysitting Duty After Younger Sister’s Wedding
When will it be her turn to leave the nest and start her own life?


Life Beyond Side-Hugs: The Duggar Girls Have 4 BIZARRE Tips For Newlywed Joy-Anna
The ‘Counting On’ star’s older sisters gave some pretty weird marital suggestions

Secret Delivery

Did Anna Duggar Give Birth To Baby #5?
Fans speculate after Jana’s caught holding a newborn.

So This Is Love

Jana’s Got A Man! Cinderella Duggar Has FINALLY Found Her Prince!
The 27-year-old still lives at home with her parents.

Rekindled Romance!

Jana Duggar Urged To Date Tim Tebow 2 Years After Dating Rumors
Is the timing finally right?

So Sad

Cinderella Duggar! Jana's Latest Family Drama Has Fans Begging: 'Get Your Own Life!'
She's 27 and still lives at home with her family!

Red Alert!

Jana Duggar Courting AT LAST? Her New Man's Family Tells All
He was linked to her sister Jinger first!

The Latest!

Keeping Up With The Duggars! Find Out Who’s Tying The Knot & Who’s Having Babies!
It’s the ultimate ’19 Kids & Counting’ cheat sheet!

Left Out!

Jana Duggar Struggling With Being Single At 27: ‘Waiting Is Not Always Easy'
'I know how it feels to wait for 'Prince Charming' to come along.'