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Beyonce Blue Ivy Jay Z Daughter Future LongBeyonce Blue Ivy Jay Z Daughter Future Square

‘The Next Beyoncé’

Jay Z & Queen Bey Are Grooming Blue Ivy For Stardom, Naturally
The singer thinks her daughter has the potential 'to be huge.'

OK! Exclusive

Jay Z Cannot Believe How Much Food Beyonce Is Indulging In During Second Pregnancy
The singer is ready to pack on the pounds.

Harsh Ultimatum!

Jay-Z REFUSES To Allow Solange Knowles Inside Beyonce's Delivery Room
The rapper still has a tense relationship with his sister-in-law.

Medical Crisis!

Beyonce's Doctor Orders Her To Cancel Upcoming Performances
She won't be appearing at Coachella this year.


Beyonce and Jay Z Spending Millions On Twins' Outrageous Nursery
It'll be equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
Beyonce Jay Z Affair Rihanna Twins Feud LongBeyonce Jay Z Affair Rihanna Twins Feud Square

All Is Forgiven?

Jay Z DEMANDS Beyoncé And Rihanna Call A Truce 10 Years After Rumored Affair
The rapper ‘has made it clear all feuds are to be put aside.’

High-End Taste!

Inside Blue Ivy's Most Ridiculously Expensive Outfits
The five-year-old's fashion game is on point!

Pregnancy Fears!

Beyoncé Hides Baby Bump While Family Parties In New Orleans
Beyoncé and her baby bump are taking it easy!

Baby Countdown!

Inside Beyoncé’s Delivery Plans: Mrs. Carter’s Gearing Up For A Home Birth!
She does ‘not want to deal with a hospital,’ an insider dished.

Divorce Ahead!

Beyonce And Jay Z Hope The Twins Will Save Their Marriage
They were "signatures away from a divorce" before she was pregnant.
Beyonce Jay Z Twins Gender New Song Shining LongBeyonce Jay Z Twins Gender New Song Shining Square

Baby Bombshell!

'I Want A Boy And Girl:' Jay Z & Beyoncé Release New Song With Reference To Twins! first reported the gender of the couple’s upcoming children.

Family Goals!

Jay Z & Blue Ivy Cheer On Beyonce During EPIC Grammys Performance
The father-daughter duo looked close to tears!

Dad Problems!

Jay Z Is Already Freaking Out About Beyonce’s Pregnancy
Find out what reasons behind the rapper’s daddy stress.
Jay Z Love Child Paternity Case Beyonce Twins Square

‘It’s Just Sad'

Jay Z’s Alleged Love Child Wants 'To Meet His Siblings' Insider Claims
The rapper is fighting a paternity case against 23-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite.


Jay Z’s Alleged Love Child ‘Devastated’ Over Beyonce Baby News!
Rymir Satterthwaite 'would really love to meet his siblings one day!

Fake Pregnancy?

Beyoncé's Twin Baby Bump Is Raising Questions
Experts weigh in.

Love On Top!

Beyoncé Reveals Sex Of Unborn Twins!
Is the 35-year-old superstar singer having boys, girls, or one of each?

Won't Stop!

Beyonce Isn't Letting Pregnancy Get In The Way Of Her Packed Schedule
She is over-booked this year and quickly getting bigger!

The Beehive Grows

Rihanna Congratulates Beyonce and "Big Bro" Jay Z On Their Baby News
Auntie RiRi is very excited about the twins.


Inside Beyonce's Pregnancy Shocker!
Will the twins save her marriage?