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Jeff Timmons

Jeff TimmonsJeff Timmons
Man Up With Jeff Timmons: How to Get Your Guy To Dress Up, Wax and Even Get a Man...
Welcome to Man Up with Jeff Timmons! The 98 Degrees and Men of the Strip star is here to answer all of your burning questions about men, specifically how to get them to be the best man they can …
Jeff Timmons
Man Up with Jeff Timmons: How to Get Your Guy in Shape!
Welcome to Man Up with Jeff Timmons! It’s our new column here at where 98 Degrees member and founder of Men of the Strip shares his advice on men. Do you want to get your guy to do …
Jeff Timmons and E!'s Men of the Strip
E!’s Men of the Strip Show You How To Turn Your Man Into a Magic Mike
Hot dudes? Check. Sexy dancing? Check. Two hours of it on E! this weekend? Double check! In honor of their reality movie event airing this weekend, host Jeff Timmons and stars of Men of the Strip stopped by the …
Jeff Timmons
OK! Exclusive: Jeff Timmons Reveals The Boyband Concert Where He Met His Wife
Get ready to see a lot of Jeff Timmons. Like, A LOT. Ok, well not that much.The 98 Degrees star’s new show Men of the Strip premieres on E! on June 1st and it’s going to be good. Real …