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Jealous, Ben?

Watch Jennifer Garner's Steamy Sex Scenes With 'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston
The actress bares it all in her new film 'Wakefield.'
Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck New Girlfriend Square


Jennifer Garner Dines At Same Restaurant Where Ben Affleck Brought His New Girlfriend
The actress’ ex is seeing 'Saturday Night Live' producer Lindsay Shookus.

It's All Good

Jennifer Garner Is Out To Prove Ben Affleck's New Relationship Doesn't Bother Her
The single actress has a night out with female friends.
Jennifer Garner Lindsay Shookus Ben Affleck Photos Square

Ben Who?

Jennifer Garner Is All Smiles As Affleck Moves On With New Girlfriend
The actress didn’t look concerned about Lindsay Shookus’ relationship with her ex.

Gloves Off!

Jennifer Garner Confronted Ben Affleck's Girlfriend Lindsay Shookus About The Affair
'Lindsay refused to back down.'

Revenge Body Prep?

Jennifer Garner Looks Like She Doesn't Care About Ben Affleck's Hot New Romance!
The actor is now dating an 'SNL' producer.

What Divorce?

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Pretend To Be One Big Happy Family For 4th Of July
Anything for their kids.

Mommy Duty!

Jennifer Garner Prepares For An Independence Day Party With Her Kids
Where was Ben?

Fresh Start

Ben Affleck Becomes More Present In His Children’s Lives
An insider says Jennifer Garner is even spending more time with him.


Ben Affleck Is ‘Creating All Of This Drama’ During His Divorce With Jennifer Garner...
The actor is not taking the split very well.
Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Mothers LongBen Affleck Jennifer Garner Mothers Square

OK! Exclusive

Worse Than Their Kids! Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner's Mothers Just Can't Get Along
'They’re both super-protective and controlling,' an insider claims.
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Where’s Ben?

Jennifer Garner Takes Her Kids To Church Without Affleck
The actress and her ex usually put their differences aside on Sundays.

Workout Motivation!

Jennifer Garner's Toned Arms Will Make You Want To Go To The Gym ASAP
At 45-years-old, the actress has never looked better.
Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck Divorce Moving Photos Square

Look Away, Ben!

Back Into Dating Shape! Jennifer Garner Spotted Moving Gym Equipment In To Home
The actress is finally moving forward with her divorce from Affleck.
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Sorry, Ben!

Jennifer Garner Looks AMAZING As She Enjoys The Single Life
The actress officially filed for divorce from Affleck last month.
Jennifer Garner DatingJennifer Garner Dating Post Divorce

OK! Exclusive

Jennifer Garner Is Dating Again & It's About Dang Time!
Inside the actress' plans to find a man after her divorce from Ben Affleck.

Cute Family!

Recovering Ben Affleck Hangs Out With His Kids After School
The actor is doing his best after his rehab stint.


Ben Affleck Is Living It Up Sober!
Jennifer Garner and their three kids are by his side.

Superstar Mama!

Jennifer Garner Chaperones Her Kid's Field Trip, Wins Mom Of The Year
The actress isn't letting her divorce from Ben Affleck slow her down.
ben affleck jennifer garner divorce

Dawn Of Justice?

Ben Affleck Doing All He Can To Redeem Himself!
The inside scoop on the chances of the couple staying together.