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Jennifer Lopez

Uh Oh!

Alex Rod On His Romance With Jennifer Lopez: 'I Can’t Stand A Chance'
The couple’s relationship is flaming hot at the moment but will it last?

Holding On Tight!

Jennifer Lopez Can't Keep Her Hands Off Alex Rodriguez Despite Sexting Scandal
The 47-year-old is unbothered by reports of her boyfriend cheating.

She’s 47!

You Have To See Jennifer Lopez’s SEXY Bikini Body!
The mom-of-two’s still got it!

Peace Out, Panties!

Jennifer Lopez Goes Commando For New Music Video & You've GOT To See The Fun Photos
ARod gave her some space to do her thing.

Love Is BLIND!

JLo Can't Stop Gushing About 'Loving' And 'Supportive' ARod Amid Cheating Scandal
Her Father's Day plans sound like 'Sister Wives' but with dudes.

Don't Stop Believing

Watch A-Rod Prove JLo Still Has His Heart DESPITE Cheating Allegations
The athlete is accused of two-timing the 47-year-old singer.
Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Affair Photos Square

Standing By Her Man!

J. Lo. SPOTTED With A-Rod As His Mistress Tells All On Their Scandalous Affair
Has the singer already forgiven her boyfriend for his shocking behavior?
Alex Rodriguez Mistress Lauren Hunter Tell All Affair Square

Does J. Lo. Know?

Inside A-Rod's Shocking Affair: The 7 Most INSANE Revelations From His Mistress
Lauren Hunter details the baseball star’s crazy bedroom fetishes.


A-Rod’s Mistress Just Revealed His Kinkiest Fetishes!
Does J.Lo know about her cheating boyfriend's wild side?

Kicked To The Curb!

A-Rod TRASHES J-Lo To Secret Mistress
The baseball star dissed the actress' age.

Breaking News

A-Rod CAUGHT Cheating On J.LO With Secret Mistress!
Lauren Hunter tells-all on their x-rated affair.

Trouble Already!

This Is What A-ROD Sexted Mistress While Two Timing J.LO
The former baseball star has a lot of explaining to do.

OK! Exclusive

J.Lo Forces A-Rod To Fire All Of His Hot Female Staffers
His inner circle call the diva a 'controlling bully.'

Parent Trap!

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Enjoy Sunday With Their Kids
The couple are taking things to the next level, wedding bells soon?

OK! Exclusive

Paranoid Much? Alex Rodriguez Is FREAKING Out Over Jennifer Lopez's Ex
The athlete is worried his girlfriend will cheat on him with Casper Smart!

'Miracle' Baby!

Jennifer Lopez & A-Rod Are Having A Boy!
'They both feel like they've won the lottery,' a source dished.


A-Rod CAUGHT Scribbling Notes About 'Babies' And Birth Control
Is he trying to knock up J-Lo pronto?

Tight Leash!

Jennifer & A-Rod Just Started Dating But This Proves She Already Has Him Whipped
Lopez is 'going out of her way' to keep her new man 'in line,' says a source.


Family Affair! Jennifer Lopez Just Proved She & Alex Rodriguez Are The Real Deal
It may just be a matter of time before the couple heads to the altar.

So In Love!

Jennifer Lopez Can’t Stop Thinking About Her Alex Rodriguez
Did she cross the lien with this latest post?