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Justin Bartha

'The Hangover' Cast Before They Were Superstars! Watch the Videos They Want You to&nbs...
Long before the The Hangover franchise became a worldwide phenomenon, the film's four stars were struggling actors just trying to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. OK! News: The Hangover: Part 3 By the Numbers Just in case …
Warner Brothers Pictures
OK! Movie Mania: 'The Hangover Part 3' By The Numbers
Guess who saw The Hangover 3 last night? That would be me. I'm not really supposed to say too much about it until its official release date, which is tomorrow, so until then, I'm dissecting the movie by the numbers. …
Splash News
OK! Hottie of the Day: Justin Bartha
The three main guys in The Hangover 3 get most of the attention, but what about good ol' Justin Bartha? Justin, who plays Doug in all the movies, is the heart and soul of the plot, and if it …
5 Things We Know About 'The Hangover III' Based On the New Trailer
The first question you might ask yourself when thinking about The Hangover III is, what exactly is the movie about? How many times could some dumb guys possibly get so drunk that they loose teeth and get tattoos and …