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Kris Jenner

What A Mess!

Kris Jenner Can Barely Keep Her Eyes Open As She Teeters On Yacht's Ledge
Looks like she had one too many.


Kris Jenner Sets Up Emergency Plan To Save Scott Disick
‘The family is emotionally steeling themselves for a tragedy.’

Smiling Through It

Kris Jenner Looks Pretty Hot In St. Tropez During A Dinner Date With Corey Gamble
The momager apparently isn't worried about damage control for son Rob Kardashian.

OK! Exclusive

Insiders Say Kris Jenner Never Takes Off Her Makeup
Even when she sleeps.

OK! Exclusive

Kim Kardashian Is Willing To Give Caitlyn Jenner A Second Chance
"She wants to bury the hatched."

New Boyfriend??

Kris Jenner CAUGHT Holding Hands On A Date With DAVID FOSTER!
Plus, Rob Lowe swears he had a run-in with Bigfoot.

Too Much?

Solo Kris Jenner Shows Off Her Spanx In A Sheer Dress Without Boyfriend Corey Gamble
The momager has nothing to hide.


Kris Jenner Called Out On Social Media For Obvious Photoshop Fail
Get the details.

Cougar Alert!

Kris Jenner Spotted Leaving Lunch After Filming 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'
The matriarch was rocking a blouse covered in panthers.

Put Your Clothes On!

22 Of The Kardashians' Most Naked Moments In Photos
It’s clear the Kardashians and Jenners are all about the naked truth

Two Can Play That

Kris Jenner Is Planning Major Revenge After Caitlyn's Scathing Tell-All
Plus, ARod and JLo are living their best lives together.

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Kris Jenner Is On The Prowl & Would 'Love' To Rekindle Things With An Old Flame
Sources close to the momager say she's still interested in Todd Waterman.
Kris Jenner Boyfriend Keanu Reeves Square

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Kris Jenner Has Her Eye On A New Boy Toy & You Won't BELIEVE Who It Is
The ‘KUWTK’ momager ‘is convinced she could win him over.’
Rob Kardashian Full Custody Daughter

OK! Exclusive

Kris Jenner Lawyers Up To Get Rob Kardashian Full Custody Of Daughter Dream
She's not letting Blac Chyna 'run away' with her grandchild.

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Caitlyn Jenner’s Finances Are A Mess & ‘KUWTK’ May Be To Blame
‘Kris cut her off from show payments.’

More Heartache!

Kris Jenner's Latest Family Tragedy Will Bring You To Tears
The 61-year-old is asking fans to pray and send their love.

OK! Exclusive

Corey Gamble Needs LOT Of Liquid Courage To Be Intimate With Kris Jenner
The 61-year-old’s extreme sex drive is leading the boytoy to the booze.

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Kendall's Afraid To Leave ‘KUWTK’ Over Concern Kris Jenner Will Cut Her OFF
The supermodel is ready to walk away for good.

OK! Exclusive

Kris Jenner's Desperate Attempts To Keep Corey Gamble Around Are Just Plain Sad
The momager 'throws money at him and begs him to stay,' says a source.

Reality Recap!

10 Most Shocking Moments From This Week’s ‘KUWTK’
The Kardashians just BASHED Caitlyn Jenner & even we’re in shock