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Melanie Griffith

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Let's Stay Friends

Not Many People Handle A Breakup Better Than Melanie Griffith!
The inside scoop on the actress' failed relationships.

'I Was So Hurt!'

Melanie Griffith RIPS Doctor Who Botched Her Plastic Surgery
'Hopefully I look more normal now!'


Melanie Griffith Talks Plastic Surgery Regrets, Failed Marriages, And Kris Jenner
'Hopefully, I look more normal now,' she said.

'Single And Lonely'

Melanie Griffith Is 'Still Looking' For Love Following Divorce
Find out how Melanie Griffith is coping with life without her ex!


How Plastic Surgery Has Frozen The Faces Of These A-Listers!
Maybe she’s born with it or maybe it’s some major plastic surgery!
plastic surgery shockers celebrityplastic surgery shockers celebrity
Plastic Surgery Shockers! 20 Stars Who May Have Went Overboard Under The Knife!
Spring Breakers! Kris Jenner In A Bikini With Dakota Johnson And Melanie Griffith In C...
WATCH Dakota Johnson With Melanie Griffith On The Oscars Red Carpet Before Her Mom Emb...
Even celebrities have embarrassing mothers! Dakota Johnson got fifty shades of red when her mom, Melanie Griffith, talked about Fifty Shades of Grey on the red carpet of the Oscars with ABC’s Lara Spencer. PHOTOS: 12 Secrets And Facts About The Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie It all started off fine until Spencer asked the 57-year-old Read More
Melanie Griffith Praises Kris Jenner
Watch Melanie Griffith Praise Kris Jenner And Call Kardashians “Awesome!”
That’s what friends are for! Melanie Griffith gave a glowing review of best friend Kris Jenner and her growing army of reality TV stars on Monday. While walking into LAX airport, the actress didn’t have anything to say when a photog asked her about the recent Sony email leaks. But when it came to sharing Read More