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Miley Cyrus

OK! Exclusive

Twice-Divorced Demi Moore Gives Miley Cyrus Marriage Advice!
Does she know how to make things last with Liam?
miley cyrus liam hemsworth wedding stand off square

Wedding ‘STAND-OFF!’

Miley Cyrus REFUSES To Compromise With Liam Hemsworth
The two can't seem to make a wedding happen!
the voice liam hemsworth miley cyrus square

‘The Voice’ SHOCKER!

Is Miley Cyrus Moving Down Under For Liam Hemsworth?
Miley Cyrus might be leaving The Voice for…The Voice?


Miley Cyrus Calling Ex-Boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger Behind Liam Hemsworth’s Back...
Is it over between Miley and Liam?
miley cyrus liam hemsworth back together fighting party ways


Find Out Why Miley Cyrus Is Causing 'Major Fights' With Liam Hemsworth!
Miley and Liam reconciled in early 2016.
gwen stefani blake shelton the voice coachesgwen stefani blake shelton the voice coaches


Gwen Replacing Miley On 'The Voice' After Their Feud Over Blake EXPLODES!
Gwen is returning for the upcoming season as a coach.

Shocking Photos!

Scary Skinny! 9 Celebs Who Have Defended Their Skeletal Frames
Check out the revealing and gut-wrenching photos!


Who Knew? A-List Bodyguards Dish On Their Famous Employers
What are they hiding?
the voice feud gwen stefani slams miley cyrus


Gwen Stefani's 'Furious' With Blake Shelton Over Miley Cyrus!
Gwen is also angry over Miley copying her!
miley cyrus liam hemsworth split rumors


The Reason Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth CANCELLED Their Wedding Again Revealed!
Miley and Liam got back together in January.


Miley Cyrus Reveals She Is Not A Mariah Carey Fan!
Find out why Miley doesn't care for Mariah's music.

The Drama Explodes!

Miley Cyrus ‘Left In Tears’ By ‘The Voice’ Judges & Trying Her Best Not To Quit...
Miley is constantly involved in feuds with Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

OK! Exclusive

What A Player! Miley Cyrus Is FUMING Mad At Liam Hemsworth — Find Out Why!
Miley is fed up with Liam for his latest attitude.

Get Me Out!

Miley Cyrus Wants OFF ‘The Voice’ Amid Nasty Feuds With Adam, Alicia & NOW Blake
The Voice has yet to premiere but Miley Cyrus wants off the show already!
miley cyrus texting patrick swarzenegger liam hemsworth furious

Is Cyrus Cheating?

Miley Texting Ex Patrick Schwarzenegger — Find Out Why She’s Lying To 'Furious' Liam...
Get the details here!
miley cyrus liam hemsworth wedding cancelledmiley cyrus liam hemsworth wedding cancelled

It's Over!

Liam Hemsworth Cancels Wedding To Miley Cyrus
Did They Break Off Their Engagement AGAIN?
the voice feud miley cyrus and adam levine premiere


Too Far? Miley Cyrus DISSES Adam Levine Over His Success On 'The Voice'
miley cyrus liam hemsworht last song sequel

OK! Exclusive

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Reignite On-Screen Romance In 'The Last Song' Sequel
Find out all the details!
alicia keys performing live nbc today show

Diva Behavior!

Alicia Keys’ No Makeup Stunt Causing Drama (& Feuds) With ‘The Voice’ Crew & Cast...
The Voice judge is causing a ruckus for cast and crew with her stint!

New Feud Alert!

Miley Cyrus & Adam Levine ‘At Each Other’s Throats’ Already On ’The Voice’
“Adam and Miley are at each other’s throats this season," a source said.