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2 Simple Tips That Will Stop You From Overeating!
  If grabbing for seconds, thirds, and even fourths is part of your daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine, we’re just assuming you’re exceeding that healthy caloric intake recommendation. While giving your tastebuds a replay of their favorite flavors, the act of overeating will definitely haunt you come bikini season. And all those bagels, BBQ Read More
Tone Your Back Muscles Just Like Ciara With This Hardcore Workout!
Undeniably, Ciara is one of the fittest women on the planet. Take five seconds to watch any of her music videos, and you’ll be determined to hit up the gym ASAP. Early on during her pregnancy, the glowing celeb (who is expecting her first baby with rapper Future!) told us all about her dedication to Read More
Diet Vs. Deprivation: Why You Need to Makeover Your Weight Loss Mindset!
When the person next to you is indulging in a juicy burger and crispy fries and you’re staring at a package of lettuce in attempts to say on your modified, “it’s almost summer” nutrition plan, it’s easy to feel a bit deprived. And you know what? We get it. Diets make ice cream look creamer, Read More
Get Jessica Alba's Thighs With This Calorie-Burning Leg Workout!
Oh, thighs. What a troublesome portion of our bikini bods. Besides the dreaded belly pouch, it’s the anatomical situation that deters us most from lounging in the sand and and soaking up the sun. But since an entirely new bathing suit season is (almost) among us, we figured it’s about time to start loving the Read More
The 3 "Label Lies" to Watch Out For While Grocery Shopping!
The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” works when grocery shopping, too. We’ve all seen those food packages, decked out in crazy fonts and bright colors, proclaiming that what’s inside is super “healthy” and hearty “fuel” to keep your body going. But is that really the case when the product is coated in Read More
Minka KellyMinka Kelly
4 Easy Exercise Moves for Lean Legs Like Minka Kelly!
When Minka Kelly isn’t escaping scary roommates played by Leighton Meester and piecing together crime scenes, she’s giving all us gals reason to hit up the gym with those long, lean, high-heel-lovin’ legs! Without a doubt, Minka’s got some of the best stems in Hollywood, and since spring usually brings shortened hemlines, we’re turning to Read More
Cut Calories and Carbs From Your Diet With These Easy Food Swaps
Did you know there is a food you could swap with pasta and still tastes delicious, fills you up AND is a healthier option for you? That’s right, substituting spaghetti squash instead of pasta can save you tons of carbs and calories from your diet. Plus, you can add even more veggies to it or Read More
Why Putting a Mirror on Your Fridge Will Stop You From Eating Sweets
Remember that magnet mirror you had in your locker during high school? You know, the one you used for a makeup touch up before your flavor of the week switched his books? It’s about to come in handy. 4 Workout Moves That Will Get You Jessica Biel’s Butt! You can take that trusty mirror and Read More
5 Ab Exercises That Will Get You Jennifer Lopez's Ripped Core!
Jennifer Lopez is about to motivate you with more than just her catchy gym tunes! The celeb’s rock-hard core is out of control, and with these 5 easy ab exercises, you and J.Lo can be six-pack twinnies! Hey, maybe after getting your workout in, you guys can lounge on her music video yacht together. Why Read More
Healthy Snack Ideas
Simple Snack Ideas That Taste Too Good to Be Healthy—But Really Are!
More often than not, the quickest snacks are not always the healthiest. Luckily, we got celebrity chef Paula Hankin to show us a couple quick snacks that are not only healthy but taste like they shouldn’t be, that’s how good they are! OK! News: See how the stars get in shape for the Oscars Check Read More
The Best-Lower Body Exercise Moves to Do at Your Desk!
Despite its luxe leather upholstering and swivel wheels, your desk chair is doing absolutely nothing for your butt—except maybe deterring from your goal of flaunting a Jessica Biel-like booty at the beach. But when you’re sans of a stand-up desk, giving the glutes, hamstrings, and thighs in general a solid workout is pretty much impossible. Because Read More
Get Beyonce's Sculpted Shoulders with These Easy Moves
Beyonce’s surprise album revealed one not-so-shocking fact about the music queen—her bod is flawless. We could rave about her curves, vegan diet, and dedication to physical fitness for an unreasonable amount of time, (what to-do list?) but this specific celeb-inspired workout is meant to draw attention to her strong, sculpted, and sensational shoulders. How to Read More
Heathy Snacks, Blueberries and Strawberries
Four Guilt-Free Snacks to Always Stock Your Fridge With!
Snacking is a way of life and it happens to the best of us. But we got celebrity chef Paula Hankin to tell us some of her favorite snacks she keeps in the house so the snacking won’t throw off your entire diet and/or waistline! OK! News: Are you scared of green juices too? You Read More
4 Easy Exercises to Get You Michelle Obama's Toned Triceps
Think the only way to lean limbs is pumping some iron at the gym? Drop all your preconceived exercise notions—you don’t even need a set of weights! The Two Machines You Need to Avoid at the Gym OK!’s Bangin’ Bods celeb trainer Jay Cardiello put together a no-weights arm workout inspired by First Lady Michelle Read More
Whole Wheat Mini Tortilla Pizzas
Swap That Junk Food For These Healthier Options!
Oh, the cravings! They come out of nowhere and the next thing you know you’re shoving a gooey slice of greasy pizza in your mouth or taking a big bite out of that Big Mac. Can you taste it now? Well hold it right there. Instead of indulging in those notoriously unhealthy meals, celebrity chef Read More
The Two Exercise Machines You Need to Avoid at the Gym
Not all workout machines are created equal, it’s true. So if your gym mindset is racing towards the piece of machinery with the most levers, gadgets, pull wires, and room for plates, it is definitely time to regroup your exercising strategy. Which ones to pass on? OK!’s Bangin’ Bods celeb trainer Jay Cardiello says there Read More
Steal Stacy Keibler's Toned Calves With These 4 Simple Exercises!
You’ve just bought a pair of statement pumps, but your less than muscular calves have got you rethinking that footwear investment. Don’t let the feeling of buyer’s remorse totally overwhelm you. All you really need is a few lower limb exercises and some celeb inspiration to get you back on track. OK!’s Bangin’ Bods celeb Read More
Slim Down Bowl - Easy, Healthy Recipes
Easy and Healthy Meals You Can Prepare on Sunday Night and Eat All Week!
Not many people wake up on weekday mornings ready to prepare themselves a healthy yet delicious 5-course meal for lunch that day. Who has the time? But if you’re looking for something simple to whip up on Sunday night that you can eat throughout the week for lunch or dinner, we’ve got just the thing Read More
OK!'s Bangin' Bods With Celeb Trainer Jay Cardiello: How to Avoid Unhealthy Desk-Side ...
You ate your lunch approximately 45 minutes ago, yet you hear a gurgling (with a growing decibel) coming from your stomach region. How on EARTH could you be ready to snack again? Alas, it’s the question that office workers have been asking for ages. “Sitting at your desk for a duration of six, seven, eight, Read More
OK!'s Bangin' Bods With Celeb Trainer Jay Cardiello: 4 Exercises That Will Get You Tha...
Don’t rely on peplum and belts for the tiny waist effect. Sure, the simple silhouettes help, but when bikini season is oh so near and the sun is beating down (remember the crazy hot summer of ’13?) you won’t want to wear anything but your two-piece. Work Towards Awesome Abs Like Pink! So how do Read More