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OK! Catch Up: What You Need to Know Before the 'Mad Men' Finale
The season finale of Mad Men is this Sunday, June 23! Their seasons are never long enough. Obviously, Mad Men is one of the most complex shows in the history of television, so it's difficult to ever really know what's going on with the many characters. So here's your 30-second synopsis of where everyone's at. Read More
OK! Catch Up: What You Need To Know About 'Modern Family' Before Tonight's Finale
Thought that all the season finales happened already? Nope. There's still quite a few left this week and next as we start off the summer, with Modern Family being a major one. The season 4 finale airs tonight and is taking a serious turn as the fam heads to Phil's mom's funeral, so that's going Read More
OK! Catch Up: What You Need To Know About 'Grey's Anatomy' Before Tonight's Finale
Tonight is the end of season 9 of Grey's Anatomy, and it is going to be huge. Meredith is giving birth, via c-section, in a blackout, because it wouldn't be a Grey's episode without something out of the ordinary going on during a monumental moment like that one. But what led up to tonight's finale? Read More
OK! Catch Up: What You Need to Know About 'HIMYM' Before Tonight's Finale
The finale of How I Met Your Mother airs tonight, and it seems like it’s going to be major! Two of the five major characters are getting married (to each other, that is) and producers have suggested that we will finally—finally!—meet the titular mother. OK! News: Which HIMYM star just got married? Update yourself so Read More