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You made it to the end of the TV season! Time to celebrate by taking a look back at the very best events, developments, characters, and surprises of the year. Vote in all of the OK! TV Awards. PHOTOS: Here are 25 scenes we still can’t believe they showed on television. There are categories for Read More
jimmy fallon late night
OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Best Late-Night TV Moment
Lordy lordy, this has been one crazy year for late-night television. You’ve got Jimmy Fallon taking over the Tonight Show, Seth Meyers taking over Late Night, David Letterman announcing his retirement, Stephen Colbert taking over for him, and boatloads of wacky appearances. But which moment was your favorite? OK! News: Vote for the TV couple Read More
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OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Dumbest Relationship Moment of the Year
TV writers, we get it. It just doesn’t make narrative sense to have a couple be romantic and blissful and happy all the time. Satisfaction makes a show boring. At least, that’s the conventional wisdom. OK! News: Vote for the TV couple you’re shipping the hardest. But this year, there were a few relationship moments Read More
ezra pretty little liars
OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Worst Instant Spoiler of the Year
Spoilers are a very sensitive thing. Sure, Breaking Bad has been done for months, and you never watched it, but you still don’t want to know how it ends. What if you decide to binge watch the series in two years? OK! News: Vote for the TV couple you’re shipping the hardest. Sometimes it’s easy Read More
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OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Craziest Fan Base
Being a television fan has totally changed with the advent of the internet. It used to be that big TV fans just made sure to tune in every week for their favorite shows. Maybe they bought action figures. They talked about it with their friends. PHOTOS: Find out which Real Housewives are fibbing about their Read More
mindy project season 2
OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Couple You're Shipping
The will they, won’t they couple conundrum. Is there a more trustworthy trope on television? Watching two people slowly, painfully get together (or not) over time is what keeps many fans tuning in week after week. OK! News: Guess what the judges really thought about Abby Lee Miller on Dancing with the Stars last night! Read More
glee the quarterback
OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Saddest Death of the Year
People are killed off TV shows for all different reasons. Maybe their character has been sick for a long time, and their death comes in a big, weepy tearjerker episode (see Parenthood). Or perhaps their death was part of a majorly dramatic cliffhanger (see Scandal). And one this year happened, sadly, because the actor himself Read More
scandal season 3 premiere
OK! TV Awards: The Best Cast to Follow on Twitter
Social media has changed the way we watch television. Now you have to hide your eyes from spoilers on Facebook, or avoid your Twitter feed altogether if you’re a few days late on an episode. That’s the negative side. The positive? Social media makes you feel like you’re watching a show with a million new Read More
himym season nine
OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Worst Jump the Shark Moment of the Year
Welcome to the first category of the OK! TV Awards. What is a “jump the shark” moment? For those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the moment in which a television show does something so ridiculous, silly, tone-deaf, or just not quite right that fans of the program feel like they should give up. Read More
Welcome to the 2014 OK! TV Awards! See How You Can Vote Here
You feel that familiar spring dread? It means the usual TV season is almost over, and soon all of your favorite shows will take a break for the summer. But you don’t have to get sad just yet! PHOTOS: Check out the most epic vacations ever taken on TV shows. Welcome to‘s second annual Read More
Find Out Who Won the OK! TV Awards! See All the Winners Here
Reminder: We're Hosting a Google+ Hangout to Talk TV with Fans!
Watching TV is just more fun when you're doing it in a group! It's nice to have people right there with you to discuss the crazy moments, laugh along with the jokes, and analyze the drama. With that in mind, is hosting a TV party tomorrow! OK! Exclusive: Watch our Google+ Hangout with Wendy Read More
Attention, Gleeks! Vote for 'Glee' in All the OK! TV Awards
Gleeks are pretty dedicated fans. They watch the show, they download the songs, they come up with endless combo nicknames for all the couples on the show (Klaine, Finchel, et al). And they vote in the OK! TV Awards! You guys know Glee is the best show around, so click through to vote in all Read More
Vote for All the OK! TV Awards in One Place!
All ten of the OK! TV Awards nominations are now up and available for voting! The race is on, so be sure to make your picks. Category #1: Best New TV Show The show currently winning is a shocker, mostly because it just got canceled! Talk about a womp, womp. Get in there and vote Read More
OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Craziest Fan Base Out There!
The internet is great for many things—providing information, letting you watch viral videos, buying takeout food without even having to speak aloud, and of course, connecting with people who have the same obsessions as you. Television is a favorite American pasttime, but the advent of the internet means that rabid fans can obsess about the Read More
OK! TV Award: Vote for the Funniest Moment on TV This Year!
It's Friday afternoon, and you definitely don't feel like doing work anymore. Instead let's take a look back at the funniest moments on TV this year! OK! News: Vote for the most shocking moment on TV this year! Nick sneaks out the window on New Girl [Gif courtesy of] Nick brings a lot of Read More
OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Most Shocking Moment on TV This Year!
It's harder and harder to keep TV secrets these days. Even if you're planning to spend the weekend catching up on your favorite shows, you have to basically wear a blindfold and never approach the internet to keep yourself from spotting major spoilers. OK! News: Vote for the craziest fan base on TV! So with Read More
OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Hottest Newcomer of the Year!
This was a great year for new television, as you can see from the hot competition for best new TV show. Along with awesome new series, there have come amazing new actors that we had no idea about a year ago. Here are our picks for the hottest newcomer! OK! News: Vote for all the Read More
OK! TV Awards: Vote for Your Fave TV BFF!
Every show needs at least one semi-normal anchor who just seems like the most fun person on the planet. They're the one whom you just want to plop down on a couch with and watch Dirty Dancing, and who seems like they would totally understand your problems and would be happy to chat about them Read More