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Go Inside The Gorgeous Home of Million Dollar Listing: LA's Josh Flagg
If you’re a realtor who’s used to selling multi-million dollar homes, odds are your own home is pretty gorgeous, right? Yup, we can confirm this to be true after watching OK! TV‘s tour video of  the home of Josh Flagg from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Watch: The Million Dollar Listing Guys on The Best Celeb Read More
Celebs Partying at the OK! TV Party: Find Out Which Stars Showed Up!
Hollywood Exes Executive Producer Nicole Murphy Says She's Close With the Ladies on th...
Hollywood Exes cast member and executive producer Nicole Murphy knows the girls on her show. No, but she really knows them. It’s not just a group of random gals thrown together for a couple months of filming. Need an example? Nicole used to be neighbors with Shamika Lawrence. Whether they ever borrowed a cup of Read More
'Cupcake Wars' Winner Hollis Wilder on Her New Book, Baking With Cupcake Tins, and Mor...
Hollis Wilder doesn't always cook actual cupcakes in her cupcake tins. For Hollis, the kitchen essential's niche is a bit more extensive. Cupcake Wars winner Hollis Wilder has figured out how to construct meals in these baking containers and has translated her culinary thoughts into a cookbook! OK! TV caught up with Hollis Wilder and got the Read More
Why Kimberly Elise Is Similar to Her Character on VH1's 'Hit the Floor'
It’s not a personal stretch for Kimberly Elise to play her Taylour Paige‘s mother on the VH1 show, Hit the Floor. Just like her character Sloane Hayes, Kimberly is a mother, a vegan, and has a dance background! Alright, was this role made for her? The Hit the Floor co-star sat down with OK! TV and shared some Read More
What Does Taylour Paige Think of the Hottie Basketball Players on VH1's 'Hit the Floor...
As a star of the new scripted TV show Hit the Floor, Taylour Paige has the opportunity to hang around tall, handsome hotties on a regular basis. Lucky girl, huh? That's one of the many perks of playing a basketball dance team member—she gets to chill with the boys that own the court. OK! TV Read More
'The Gossip Game' Friendships Explained: Vivian Billings Shares Her Thoughts on the Ot...
When Vivian Billings joined the entertaining cast of The Gossip Game, she viewed it as a chance to meet new people. Well, being on a reality TV show and is probably the quickest way to do that! The sweet celeb sat down with OK! TV and explained her thoughts on the show, her method of Read More
Why 'The Gossip Game' Star Kim Osorio Laughs at Arguments
You don't usually expect a TV star to say that they feel like a spectator. Honestly, how could they when they are the ones being watched by everyone on a tiny digital screen? Well, when it comes to arguments The Gossip Game cast, Kim Osorio feels that way. She also lets out a giggle or two. Let's explain.  Read More
'The Gossip Game' Star Sharon Carpenter on Her Personal Style, the Hip-Hop Industry, a...
The Gossip Game is something that Sharon Carpenter knows very well. The celeb is actually a co-creator of the VH-1 hip-hop entertainment phenomenon! OK! TV caught up with Sharon and got the low-down on what she thinks about females working in the hip-hop industry and much more. Turns out, Sharon wasn’t always used to having Read More
Loving Hermès and Chanel? Learn About Discounted Designer Gems From the 'Resale Royalt...
You can’t say Hermès and Chanel in the same sentence and expect us to contain our composure, especially if we’re talking about discounted designer goodies. The ladies of Resale Royalty joined OK! TV and explained the background behind their new consignment store style segment. Oh, it’s a stylish one. OK! News: The Resale Royalty Girls Read More
Brian Baumgartner Talks 'The Office' Series Finale and His Character Kevin Malone
It seems like only yesterday that Kevin Malone was helping Pam Halpert through her pregnancy cravings and jamming out in the original Scrantonicity. Kevin Malone, played by actor Brain Baumgartner, is one of the most entertaining characters on The Office. The accounting corner would have never been the same without his constant annoyance to Angela ,all Read More
Eve Talks Fashion, Beauty, Her New Album, and More!
To be quite frank, Grammy-winning artist Eve is a shining star. While that’s a basic statement, it encompasses our general feeling about the celeb lady who is now a Big Brothers Big Sisters Ambassador. In this OK! TV interview, Eve fill us in on the meaning behind her new album name, her beauty routine, and Read More
'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' Star K.Michelle Says Her Mentor Is R.Kelly
When K.Michelle writes a song, she basically writes about what’s going on in her life. We say that’s a good rule of thumb, especially since her mentor R. Kelly told her to! “Write life and not music, and you’ll always have a job.” Those are the words of wisdom that K.Michelle says she heard from the accomplished Read More
'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' Star Joseline Hernandez Talks Self-Confidence and Career Dr...
“It’s like a soap opera, but it’s real life.” That’s how Joseline Hernandez describes her experience on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta in this OK! TV interview. And really, how can you pass up tuning into the show with a description like that? Because she can showcase her music on TV, the VH-1 show is a platform Read More
JasFly from 'The Gossip Game' is a "Happenings-Monitor"
Micro-manager, perfectionist, detail-attentive. There are so many nicknames for the “control-loving” sides of our personalities. But JasFly from The Gossip Game gives herself an original and refers to herself as the “happenings-monitor.” OK! News: Vicki Gunvalson Says Her “Real Life is Not That Dysfunctional” In her line of work, it’s a good thing she is. JasFly Read More
Want to Know More About Dr. Patrick Drake on 'General Hospital'? Jason Thompson Will E...
Do you remember trying to figure out how to correctly say all those Harry Potter spells? You couldn’t see a movie without referring to them! Well, we’d imagine that feeling is similar to memorizing and properly pronouncing medical jargon—and then saying it on TV. OK! News: 8 Hilarious Celebrity Spoof Accounts on Twitter That’s what Read More
Jack Wagner Talks About 'General Hospital' Nostalgia
General Hospital has hit the major half-century mark! A 50-year-old TV gig is a big deal, and Jack Wagner doesn’t mind bringing up 1980s nostalgia in this special OK!-TV interview. OK! News: Was Shia LaBeouf Your Celeb Crush? Watch: Finola Hughes Talks About Soap Acting Jack Wagner plays Frisco Jones and was on the show during Read More
Here's the Dish on Ms. Drama From VH-1's 'The Gossip Game'
Welcome entertainment whiz Ms. Drama to the OK!-TV scene. Ms. Drama is the host of her own radio show and a member of The Gossip Game crew. She’s a source of the hip hop scoop in the Big Apple, and now, her day-to-day is easy to see on The Gossip Game  by VH-1. OK! News: Who Wore Rebecca Minkoff Better? Stacy Read More
What 'General Hospital' Character Is Kin Shriner Super Close With?
“Putting on an old sweatshirt.” Photos: Kate Middleton Hiding Her Bump! That’s how Kin Shriner describes the feeling of watching General Hospital. Because it’s been on for 50 years, the show has become a comfortable and happy part of life for viewers. Are you a Scotty Baldwin fan? If you love to hate him or Read More
Finola Hughes of 'General Hospital' Thinks Soap Acting Takes Discipline!
The long days, the set changes, the line-memorizing—acting isn’t an easy job. General Hospital‘s Finola Hughes is one actress that can attest to all the meaningful effort it takes to put on a TV show. The soap star plays Anna Devane on the popular Soap and told OK!-TV that acting in up to 70 scenes Read More