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Paris Jackson's Bombshell Confessions In 18 Clicks
'It was a setup.'

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Paris Jackson Steps Out With Rare Smile After Shocking Tell-All Interview
The celebrity spawn is grinning ear-to-ear despite her latest tearful confessions.

Bombshell Interview!

Sexual Assault & MJ Murder Claims: 6 Shocking Confessions In Paris Jackson Tell-All!
The teen reveals never-before-heard details to 'Rolling Stone.'


Paris Jackson Looks Happy After Network Pulls Offensive Episode About Her Dad
She and her boyfriend play tourists in Paris!

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Ivanka & Tiffany Share Their Secrets About Growing Up Trump
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paris jackson admits suicide attemptparis jackson admits suicide attempt


Paris Jackson Breaks Down In Tears Admitting Suicide Attempt — Is She OK?
Paris went on a rant on her Instagram account.
paris jackson michael snoddy dating moving in

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Paris Jackson Moves Into Late Michael’s Mansion With Boyfriend
Are they headed for disaster?
paris jackson underage drinking aa rehab health michale daughter

Caught In A Lie?

UNDERAGE Paris Jackson Spotted Carrying Beer After Admitting She’s Sober
Paris Jackson recently revealed her struggles to maintain sobriety.

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Michael Jackson’s Death Bombshell!
Find Out What Happened To His Kids After His Passing

Staying Strong!

Haunted By Her 'Dark Past!' Paris Jackson Confesses To Feelings Of 'Self-Hatred'
Many tattoos were inspired by her father

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Rob Kardashian Posts A Cryptic Message About Blac Chyna!
Find out the latest on everyone from O.J. Simpson to Kylie Jenner!
paris jackson new tattoos eighteen birthday


Paris Jackson’s Collection Of Tattoo Just Keeps On Growing!
She just turned eighteen.

Always With Me!

Paris Jackson Gets New Tattoo Dedicated To Her Late Father!
She just turned 18.

No Bad Blood!

Paris Jackson Is Getting A Secret Birthday Bash!
Get the latest on everyone from Kylie Jenner to Rosie O'Donnell!
Paris Jackson Makes Shocking Confession In Social Media Rant!
Paris Jackson Tattoo Boyfriend BreakupParis Jackson Tattoo Boyfriend Breakup
Rebelling Out? Paris Jackson Revealed A Large Tattoo On Her Upper Arm Following Her Sp...
Scott Disick Threatens To Commit Suicide And More Celebrity News
Scott Disick threatens to commit suicide. “I just want it to be over!” he said to Khloe Kardashian. Read More Is she a hypocrite? Sherri Shepherd still hasn’t met the son born to a surrogate. But The View star …
Paris Jackson Is Spotted Smoking A Cigarette With Friends!
Michael Jackson Death Anniversary: Where Are His Kids—Paris, Prince & Blanke...