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Katy Perry's 'Part of Me' Bombs at Box Office
We guess no one wanted a part of her. Katy Perry's documentary of her life on tour, Katy Perry: Part of Me, has been largely ignored by fans on its opening weekend. OK! NEWS: KATY PERRY: PART …
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Katy Perry: "I'm Going Into Major Hiding" After 'Part of Me' Comes Out!
Katy Perry rocked the red carpet, and the stage, last night at the premiere of her 3D documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me in Hollywood, Calif. But despite putting on an amazing show for her film debut, Katy says she's …
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Katy Perry Releases 'Part of Me' Teaser Clip!
That Katy Perry sure is generous! Just yesterday, she gave us the official trailer for her 3D movie, "Part of Me," and today, she offers up a teaser clip from the documentary/film, which hits theaters on July 5. OK! …