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Party Down South

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OK! Exclusive: ‘Party Down South’ Star Mattie Breaux Slams ‘Disloyal’ Santana Bordelon...
OK! Exclusive Video: The Party Down South Crew Meets Their New Cast Members In Season ...
The bashes are about to get bigger for the Party Down South crew! In an exclusive season premiere sneak peek, the cast reunited at their Savannah, Georgia vacation home. After everyone checked out their new house, they soon learned that new cast members would be joining the party-loving group this season! And no one was Read More
OK! Exclusive Video: Mattie Receives A Surprise Skating-Themed Birthday Bash In Party ...
It wouldn’t be a birthday party down south without a burger and bacon cake, and guests dressed up in skimpy 80s costumes! This week’s episode of Party Down South kicks off with the house’s biggest blowout yet, as everyone’s favorite party-loving cast throws Mattie a 80s skating-themed birthday bash. To get the party ready without Mattie knowing, Daddy wakes Read More
OK! Exclusive: Tommy Gives A Lap Dance To A Bride At Her Bachelorette Party on Party D...
Get More: Don’t quit your day job, Tommy! Tommy of Party Down South 2 is notorious for loving the ladies, and on this week’s brand new episode, he maybe takes it a little too far. When he and the guys stumble on a gaggle of girls celebrating a bachelorette party, Tommy decides to give one Read More
Party Down South Exclusive Preview: Walt and Daddy's Competition Over Hannah Gets Mess...
In the third season of Party Down South, new roommate Hannah, aka Hott Dogg is, well, she’s a hot commodity. Walt and Daddy will compete for her attention on tonight’s all new episode during a night out…until Daddy gets bored and moves onto Tiffany instead. OK! Exclusive: Amanda and Chelsey Dish On Myrtle Manor‘s New Season Watch the Read More
Party Down South 2 Exclusive Preview—Watch The Housemates Get Drunk On Their First Nig...
Now that the newbies of Party Down South 2 are all settled into their new home, there’s only one thing to do—party, obviously. In this exclusive clip from Thursday’s all new episode, the housemates get ready for their first night out! Of course the pre-game has lots of drinking, and there’s also some flirting and a Read More
Party Down South Exclusive Preview—"Daddy" Needs a Serious Lesson in Astrology 101
Those crazy cats on Party Down South sure are entertaining, but hey, noone ever called them geniuses. On tonight’s episode, the cast partakes in a casual, beer-filled bonfire, but a debate breaks out when Daddy is convinced that he knows everything there is to know about our solar system. According to him, the stars are suns, and Read More
Party Down South Exclusive Preview: Drunken, Emotional Tiffany Prevents Murray From Ge...
It’s not a night in the Party Down South house without a little drunken emotion, you know? On tonight’s episode, Murray is about to get lucky after a night at the bar, except Tiffany is just ruining everything. She’s burdening him and the other housemates with her emotional baggage and is crying a river after Read More
Party Down South Exclusive Clip: Watch Lil Bit Admit to Being a Jealous Girlfriend
She’s hot, she’s confident, and she sure knows how to party, but Lil Bit is just like every other girl in that sometimes, she gets just a little bit overprotective of her boyfriend. In this exclusive clip from tonight’s all new Party Down South, we see Lil Bit’s sensitive side, as she tells her guy Read More
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Don’t be depressed that all your favorite scripted TV shows are gone until the fall. In addition to these scripted shows that are coming back this summer, there are plenty of returning reality shows to keep ya busy, too! And we mean plenty. Here’s the lowdown on the new seasons of Keeping Up With The Read More
Party Down South Preview: Watch The Cast's Epic Prank War on Tonight's Season Finale
Only Walt from Party Down South would come up with the prank idea of putting his pubic hair in a hairdryer. Um, G-ROSS. But Lil Bit and Mattie come up with a comeback all their own on tonight’s season finale, resulting in a prank war of epic proportions. PHOTOS: 16 Reality TV Villains We Love Read More
Party Down South Preview: Mattie Rides the Sling Shot In this Week's New Episode
There’s no better way to release some tension than by flying upside down, right? That’s why on this week’s all new episode of Party Down South, the entire gang heads to an amusement park. Watch this exclusive clip as two brave ladies attempt the “Sling Shot”—which, as Ryan points out, may or may not be Read More