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A Hairy Situation

Pamela Anderson Demands Kim Kardashian To Stop Wearing Fur
‘Please do the right thing.’
Ryan Gosling Takes A Hiatus From Acting and Shifts Focus To Work With PETA
Now that Ryan Gosling has taken a hiatus from acting, he has shifted his focus to activist work with PETA. The hunky star has already made headlines this week for his work by writing the National Milk Producers Federation about the practice of dehorning cows. Ryan explains, "Dehorning is one of the most painful things done Read More
Jennifer Lawrence's Battle With PETA Over Animal Cruelty Confession in 'Rolling Stone'...
Sounds like Khloe Kardashian isn't the only one turning her back on PETA. The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is receiving some harsh backlash from the organization after she openly discussed her experience skinning a squirrel for the 2010 hit film, Winter's Bone, which garnered her an Oscar nomination. OK! GALLERY: JENNIFER LAWRENCE GREETS HUNGER Read More