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Playing With Fire

Celeb Chef Candice Kumai, Make Over My Dinner!
Dinner time in my house really and truly is a three-ring circus. At the last minute I'm scouring my fridge looking for a family-pleasing protein to cook (usually chicken cutlets) and easy sides that won't take eons to pull together. I'm doing this at the same time I'm feeding pureed sweet potatoes to my nine-month-old Read More
Celeb Chef Anna Boiardi Shares Her Healthy Eating Secrets For Picky Toddlers
If you're a parent or caregiver, you know feeding a toddler a nutritious, healthy meal can be a trying experience. My three year old, for example, regards broccoli in the same way contestants on Fear Factor responded to a plate of worms and tarantulas. He's just not into it. When I attempted to hide chopped Read More
'Playing With Fire's' Koch Brothers Talk Love/Hate Relationship
When E!'s Playing With Fire premieres on Sunday, March 17, viewers will get a taste of the high stakes business involved with being a chef or restaurateur in the Big Apple. The Koch Brothers, identical twins with larger-than-life personalities, allowed the cameras to film the opening of one of their latest high-profile establishments, Toy, and Read More
E!'s New Spicy Reality Show 'Playing With Fire' Serves Up Culinary World Drama