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Britney Spears' Pal Tells All On Singer's Rocky Relationship With Justin Timberlake
They were 'each other's first love,' claimed the star's longtime friend.

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Britney Spears Still Under Father's Legal Control, Nearly A Decade After Meltdown!
'The court had ruled that she was no longer fit to handle her own affairs.'
katy perry taylor swift us weekly famous feuds


What Really Happened Between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift?
What Really Happened Between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift?

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Get To Know The Real George Clooney!
The actor’s REELZ Channel series premieres on Saturday.
Elvis Presley life new show

Teenage Star

Behind Closed Doors: Elvis Presley’s Humble Life Before Fame, Revealed
Behind Closed Doors: Elvis Presley’s Humble Life Before Fame, Revealed

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Heath Shocker! Inside The Crisis That Nearly Ruined Julia Roberts' Hollywood Career
The actress herself 'thought about dying.'
Teenage Julia Roberts Liam Neeson Relationship

First Love

Inside Teenage Julia Roberts' Passionate Fixation With Ex Lover Liam Neeson
She didn't have 'a father figure,' explains host Kitty Kelley.
Bruce Lee Death Mystery Drugs Murder Reelz


Bruce Lee’s Suspicious Death: The Real Cause Exposed
Top doc discovers the truth in the martial art star’s uncovered medical records
natural born killers preview

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'Natural Born Killers: The Shocking Truth' Exposes Sick Details of 1965 Crime Spree
What really happened between the teen lovers-turned-psychopathic serial murderers.

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'The Shocking Truth' Reveals Secrets Behind 'Foxcatcher' Murder!
Learn more of the troubled billionaire who shot his star athletes.

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Top Doc Reveals New Piece Of Evidence About Steve Jobs’ Secret Past
A TV special goes inside why the late star may have refused medical help.
Steve Jobs Death Cause Cancer Autopsy Reelz

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New Autopsy Uncovers Clues About Steve Jobs’ Mysterious Death
Reelz series sheds light on why he avoided treatment for his cancer.
Patrick Swayze Death Cause Autopsy Reelz

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What Killed Patrick Swayze? Inside The Actor's Mysterious Death
A new series uncovers bombshell claims about his secret health crisis.
Natalie Cole Death Cry Help Reelz

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Cry For Help! Natalie Cole's Pals Were 'Shocked' By Her Frail Body Before Death
A close friend said ‘whatever she was doing’ had taken a physical toll.
Natalie Cole Death Cause Drugs Reelz

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A ‘Chain Reaction’: Top Doc Reveals Why Natalie Cole Suffered A Dark Path To Death...
A new series by Reelz unmasks the truth behind why she hit rock bottom.
Prince Death Drug Overdose Scandal Autopsy ReelzPrince Death Drug Overdose Scandal Autopsy Reelz

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Prince's Step-Sister Feared He'd Suffer A Heart Attack From 'Drug Use'
A new series by Reelz uncovers a shocking transcript before his death.
Chris Brown Rihanna Relationship National Enquirer Investigates

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Self-Destructing Romance: What Really Caused Chris Brown & Rihanna's Assault Crisis?
A new series by 'National Enquirer Investigates' rips into all the red flags.
Playmate Killer Peter Snider Murder Ex Wife Reelz Video


Inside The Sick Sex Act The 'Playmate Killer' Did To His Ex's Corpse
A new series reveals what really led to the brutal murder.
National Enquirer Investigates Miley Cyrus Nudity Drugs Video
‘Out Of Control’ Miley Cyrus Had Dad Billy Ray Begging Her To Go To Rehab
‘National Enquirer Investigates’ uncovers how close she was to self-destruction.

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Haunting Details: How Mass-Murderer Jim Jones 'Trapped' His Cult Followers
'He told them if they wanted to go home, they could swim,' an insider reveals.