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R-Pattz's 'Remember Me' Co-Star On Working with the 'Twilight' Heartthrob
Robert Pattinson‘s Remember Me co-star Tate Ellington has revealed exclusively   to OK! how it’s scary being a heartthrob. The actor, who played the Twilight hunk’s on-screen best friend Aidan Hall, has revealed how R-Pattz handled all the thousands of screaming girls that followed them around the New York set and how much he loves Read More
Dude, Where's Robert Pattinson's Car?
While attending the UK premiere of his new film Remember Me, Robert Pattinson remembered something he forgot — where he parked his car… in L.A.!
A 'Bothered' Robert Pattinson Needs a Break!
Poor Robert Pattinson! A very tired, overwhelmed and perhaps slightly bothered RPattz tried to fight his way to his car Wednesday night. Usually seeing pics of our favorite vampire hottie makes our day, but these photos of Rob leaving The Ivy in London inspire sympathy — he looks so exhausted!
'Remember Me' Gets Not So Memorable Box Office Numbers
Although girls across the world swoon over Twilight vampire Robert Pattinson, it doesn’t appear as if they are going to see his new flick Remember Me with not-so impressive box office numbers this weekend.
Robert Pattinson Remembers James Dean in 'Remember Me'
You may already be sitting in the theater watching Robert Pattinson‘s film Remember Me, but while you’re obsessing over him tonight before you head back to the theaters tomorrow you can enjoy reading his interview with MTV Radio! Rob confesses his love for James Dean, how he’s actually Edward in real life and how he Read More
Robert Pattinson: Not as "Confident" with Girls Off Screen
Robert Pattinson may have a millions of girls swooning over him, but the sexy, brooding actor doesn’t have as much confidence when it comes to girls as Edward Cullen or his on-screen persona Tyler in his pending flick Remember Me. “When it comes to the opposite sex, I’m not as fully confident as the guy Read More
VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Digs Deep in 'Remember Me'
By now you’ve probably read a plot summary of Robert Pattinson‘s new film Remember Me, in theaters this Friday, but Rob gave his own description of the film when he chatted with CBS Early Show that may change your mind if you’re still on the fence about seeing it. “It’s so different. It’s difficult to Read More
HOT GALLERY: R-Pattz's Bothered/Bewildered Face as Emilie Smiles Away
Robert Pattinson made some weird faces as he headed to face the ladies of The View this morning in NYC. His Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin beamed as she headed on set. The pair has been very busy making public appearances promoting their flick, and we can’t get enough of R-Pattz.
Robert Pattinson: "I Always Try to Get Naked on Photo Shoots"
Extra chatted with Robert Pattinson at the NYC premiere of his new film, Remember Me, where he unraveled the Spider-Man rumors and talked about posing nude for a photo shoot!
Robert Pattinson Talks Lady Parts with the Ladies of 'The View'
Robert Pattinson appeared this morning on The View to promote his new film Remember Me, but of course the prying ladies couldn’t help but get off that topic and ask Rob the tough questions — mainly what was up with his Details magazine interview?
Robert Pattinson Bravely Meets the Mob in NYC
When this guy’s around, it’s not just a crowd of adoring fans, it’s a veritable mob! Robert Pattinson bravely signed autographs for his devoted Twi-hards outside the Today show studios in NYC’s Rockefeller Plaza bright and early on Monday morning.
VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Pushes 'Remember Me' on 'Today' Show
It’s a great start to the week, Twi-hards! Robert Pattinson appeared on the Today Show this morning where he was greeted by many screaming fans! The handsome vampire talked about his new film Remember Me, his slightly controversial interview with Details magazine, how he’s handling his celebrity status and whether he thinks Breaking Dawn should Read More
R-Pattz's Fans Create "Remember Me Saturday" Campaign
Looks like there are some serious Robert Pattinson fans out there that want him to know they love him as Rob, and not just as Twilight‘s Edward Cullen. A nationwide fan campaign has been started called “Remember Me Saturday” to push for bigger box office results for his new post-Twilight film!
Robert Pattinson & Emilie de Ravin Use 'Remember Me' to Forget Old Roles
Ask Emilie de Ravin and she’ll probably agree that you can take Robert Pattinson out of Twilight, but you can’t take Twilight out of Robert Pattinson! While filming upcoming movie Remember Me on the streets of NYC, they faced paparazzi and screaming fans. In March’s Vogue, Rob and Emilie discuss their new film and how it’s a Read More
Nightly News: Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer Work It Out; Kendra Wilkinson Shows Off...
Anna Paquin and fiancé Stephen Moyer hit the gym together. (Just Jared) Kendra Wilkinson is happy showing off baby Hank at the Super Bowl but leaves in tears. (Pop Eater) Joe Jonas gives hope to nerds everywhere. (Celebuzz) Carrie Underwood can sure belt some tunes.  Check out her performance at the Super Bowl. Test your Read More
R-Pattz Goes From the Bed to the Shower in 'Remember Me'
Forget the Super Bowl or Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez‘s new romance, the news just got a little bit hotter! New super sexy exclusive photos from Robert Pattinson‘s upcoming film, Remember Me, have been released and just may be monopolizing the rest of your day!
R-Pattz Dry Spell Being Put to Rest
Robert Pattinson lovers, you won’t be deprived any longer! Well, at least of the movie version R-Pattz — real-life will unfortunately still be an issue.
Enjoy 'The View' of Robert Pattinson
Everyone’s view will be getting a little bit hotter soon! Robert Pattinson will be making his first-time guest appearance on live on The View! If he thought the thousands of screaming young fans were bad before, we can’t wait to see his reaction when he’s sitting between the ladies of The View!
'Remember Me' Robert Pattinson Movie Poster Released
A new movie poster for Remember Me has been released and we’re loving it! Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin make quite a sweet looking couple — especially in black and white! In the film, Rob plays Tyler, a young man living in New York dealing with a family tragedy. He falls in love with Read More
PHOTOS: R-Pattz Has Lots of Baggage
Robert Pattinson doesn’t have someone carrying his bags for him? With thousands of people willing to do his dirty work for him, we are proud of Hollywood’s hottest new hunk, who manages to stay humble despite his great success in Twilight, his work on Remember Me, New Moon and his newest film Eclipse. We have Read More