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resale royalty

Loving Hermès and Chanel? Learn About Discounted Designer Gems From the 'Resale Royalt...
You can’t say Hermès and Chanel in the same sentence and expect us to contain our composure, especially if we’re talking about discounted designer goodies. The ladies of Resale Royalty joined OK! TV and explained the background behind their new consignment store style segment. Oh, it’s a stylish one. OK! News: The Resale Royalty Girls Read More
‘Resale Royalty’ Stars Tell You How to Score the Best Second-Hand Designer Finds
Sue McCarthy and daughters Diana Ford and Laura Maurice, who run the highly-successful designer resale shop The Women’s Closet Exchange in St. Louis, MO, weren’t looking to be on a reality show when Rachel Zoe came a-knockin’ with the idea for Resale Royalty, premiering Sunday, May 12 on Style Network. OK! News: Who Got Knocked Read More