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The Hangover Part II

5 Things We Know About 'The Hangover III' Based On the New Trailer
The first question you might ask yourself when thinking about The Hangover III is, what exactly is the movie about? How many times could some dumb guys possibly get so drunk that they loose teeth and get tattoos and end up with tigers in their bathrooms? But in the new trailer, all our questions are Read More
'The Hangover Part II' Lawsuit Settled & Ed Helms Can Keep His Mike Tyson Tattoo
Good news, Hangover fans! The lawsuit regarding Ed Helms‘ Mike Tyson tattoo in The Hangover Part II has been settled.
'The Hangover Part II' Mike Tyson Tattoo to Be Digitally Altered for DVD After Lawsuit...
If you want to see the way The Hangover Part II the way it was intended to be seen, you may want to go check it out in theaters while you can! After a tattoo artist sued Warner Bros. for using a copyrighted face tattoo design given to Mike Tyson in the film, the studio Read More
'Hangover 3' Already in the Works; Director Says It Will Be "Finale and an Ending"
The Wolf Pack is back and looks like they’re not quite done with their debauchery just yet! Thanks to an incredibly successful opening weekend for The Hangover: Part II (and by that we mean a worldwide gross of $200 million in just five days!), the studio is already primping for a third installment of the Read More
Watch Bradley Cooper Speak Fluent French During TV Interview Overseas
Raise your hand if you knew Bradley Cooper spoke (what we think is) flawless French… We had no idea either, and while we’re not sure what a native speaker of the language would have to say, from the video of his interview on a French TV station, it seems like he’s got a pretty firm Read More
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Breakfast Links: Hangover Part II Breaks Box Office Records
• The Hangover Part II breaks box office records (PopEater) • Kourtney Kardashian and her little man Mason hit up the Big Apple (Celebuzz) • Kirsten Dunst is Chanel chic in Istanbul (JustJared) • Lindsay Lohan’s house arrest: Smoke and a script (E! Online) • Anne Hathaway shines in One Day trailer (Huffington Post)
Bradley Cooper Graces GQ Cover Down Under
The ultimate dashing leading man, Bradley Cooper, graces the cover of GQ ‘s June/July issue in Australia and says he won’t be talking about his personal life any time soon!
'The Hangover Part II' Earns $31.7 Million Opening Day
The Hangover Part II had the third-best Thursday gross of all time! The highly-anticipated sequel earned $31.7 million on its opening day at the domestic box office.
The PhilmGuy Reviews: 'The Hangover Part II'
Reunion movies, which exist only to reunite main characters from good movies so they can try to recapture the lightning that has long left the bottle, are almost always destined to fail. This is so for the same reason that your high school reunion sucked, and the Facts of Life reunion show wasn’t quite what Read More
Todd Phillips Has Plot Idea for 'Hangover 3' That's "A Different Structure"
It’s hard to tell if he’s being serious or not, but Todd Phillips says he has a new plot idea for a possible Hangover 3 film.
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Bill Maher Shoots Zach Galifianakis Up With Heroin Since World Was "Ending" Anyway
Since Zach Galifianakis smoking a joint on his show did so well, Bill Maher decided to shoot The Hangover Part II star with heroin this time on Real Time with Bill Maher. And Zach went along with it since the end of the world was coming anyway!
Watch The Wolfpack in New 'Hangover Part II' Clips!
With less than two weeks until the hotly-anticipated released of The Hangover Part II (hitting theaters May 26), we can’t get enough of teaser clips! Luckily, two new scenes have been teased on the Internet which detail a car chase, Mike Tyson-esque tribal tattoo, an energetic monkey and a very sweaty, confused Wolfpack!
Remake of 'The Crow' May Cast Bradley Cooper?
There’s no doubt about it: Bradley Cooper‘s certainly bringing his A game to the big screen! After opening with his thriller Limitless in the numero uno box office spot and starring in the The Hangover Part II next month, there’s talk the dashing leading man may star in the comic book-based classic The Crow!