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tom hiddleston

Tom Talks!

Hiddleston Defends Relationship With Taylor Swift: 'It Was Real'
He also admitted the truth behind the 'I ♥ T.S.' tank top.

Sneak Peek!

A First Look At Tom Hiddleston's Sexy GQ Cover
He opens up about his whirlwind relationship with Taylor Swift.

OK! Exclusive!

Inside Taylor Swift’s Plans For Revenge On Tom Hiddleston
Find out how the singer is plotting to get back at the actor!

OK! Exclusive

Taylor Swift Is Packing On Pounds
Taylor Swift may need Tom Hiddleston back in her life!
taylor swift tom hiddleston album approval square

OK! Exclusive!

Taylor Swift Seeking Tom Hiddleston’s Approval On Next Album
Tom Hiddleston must have been one amazing boyfriend.
taylor swift tom hiddleston breakup reasontaylor swift tom hiddleston breakup reason


Inside Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston's Ongoing Heated Feud Following Their Split!
Taylor and Tom split in early September.

Tells All!

Taylor Swift Slams Exes Post Tom Hiddleston Split
“Just wish you were a better man.”

Crushing Hard!

Britney Spears Wants To Date Tom Hiddleston!
Hiddleswift is gone and forgotten!

Moving On Already!

Tom Hiddleston Kisses & FLIRTS With Priyanka Chopra At Emmys After Party
Tom Hiddleston may have a new leading lady soon.
gigi hadid confirms taylor swift new album

Face The Music!

Gigi Hadid Reveals Bombshell Breakup Update About Hiddleswift
What will Taylor say?
Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Breakup NYC Lily AldridgeTaylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Breakup NYC Lily Aldridge


Taylor Swift Has Night Out With Girls After Reports Tom Hiddleston DUMPED HER
The 26-year-old was seen with squad member Lily Aldridge for girl time.
taylor swift post break up tom hiddleston photos


Taylor Swift DESPERATE To Have The 'Perfect' Figure Following Tom Hiddleston Split
Taylor and Tom split after 3 months together.
taylor swift and tom hiddleston break up reason


Take That Taylor! Did Calvin Harris DISS Ex Swift After Split From Tom Hiddleston?!
Tom and Taylor split after 3 months together.

Headed For A Breakup

Taylor Swift ‘Uncomfortable’ With Tom Hiddleston’s Proposal, Fears He’s Using Her...
She’s now fearing what fans have been saying all along.
taylor swift dinner date todrick hall

Shake It Off!

Taylor Swift Steps Out In A Flirty Outfit With A Mystery Man!
Find out how Taylor is handling her relationship drama!
are taylor swift and tom hiddleston engaged

Cold Feet!

Taylor Swift Flips Out After Finding Tom Hiddleston’s Engagement Ring on ACCIDENT
Why she said NO!
taylor swift tom hiddleston cheating scandal

Two-Timing Tom?

Hiddleston ‘Furious’ At Taylor Swift After Torrid Cheating Scandal

Sassy Shoutout!

Sassy Shoutout! Inside Robert Downey Jr.'s EPIC Jab At Hiddleswift
What will Tom and Taylor have to say about this one?
taylor swift tom hiddleston needs space

Trouble In Paradise!

Tom Hiddleston Wants Space From Taylor Swift — Why He's Demanding Some 'Alone Time'
  Has Hiddlesswift’s flame officially burned out? Ever since the hot and heavy couple announced their fiery fling with their highly publicized Rhode Island makout session, the lovebirds have barely spent a second apart. From meeting the parents, to jet-setting …
taylor swift kissing mystery man hamptons party nelly


Taylor Swift CAUGHT Kissing A Mystery Man While Partying Without Tom Hiddleston!
Taylor has been dating Tom since May.