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zero dark thirty

Video: Watch Lena Dunham's Hilarious Audition for 'Zero Dark Thirty'!
Watch: The Girls Cast Celebrates Their Golden Globes Win Ok, we lied. Lena Dunham of Girls didn't actually audition for the Oscar-nominated film, Zero Dark Thirty. This video is of a girl named Chelsea Davison impersonating Lena who's impersonating Lena's character Hannah who's impersonating the Maya in Zero Dark Thirty. Got all that? But the Read More
Why Didn't Channing Tatum Strip? And 15 More Oscars Questions
The 2013 Oscars were last night and there is a lot to celebrate. There’s also a lot to ponder. We take a look at some of Oscar night’s biggest questions. 1. Why didn’t Channing Tatum strip? Yes of course the dance with Charlize Theron was beautiful but that wasn’t really what we wanted to see. Read More