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TV Show: Below Deck


Riches To Rags

'Below Deck' Star Captain Lee Rosbach Bankrupt & In Debt!
Find out the massive amount of money he owes.

Everybody Out!

'Below Deck' Boat Undergoes EMERGENCY EVACUATION After It SINKS During Filming!
There was fear among the crew that someone on board got electrocuted.
Below Deck: Kelley Johnson's Hobby Kind of Terrifies Us
Normally we’d be nervous for any newbie joining the Below Deck cast, but seeing as deckhand Kelley Johnson, who says he never watched the first season prior to signing on, tells OK! he shark fishes for fun, we know he’s totally got this. Find out what Kelley’s first impressions were of his crew mates and Read More
Below Deck's Kat Held Weighs In On a Former Crew Member's Surprise Return
If you’re Below Deck star Kat Held, who would be the worst person to encounter from season one on your new charter? That would be former Chief Stewardess Adrienne Gang and, oh yeah, she makes an unwelcome appearance on season two. OK! chats with Kat about taking to the high seas for a second season Read More
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I gotta give some props to Bravo right now because they’re probably the TV network that has debuted the most NEW shows thus far into 2013. Gotta keep Andy Cohen’s clubhouse runnin’ somehow, right? Photos: Fall TV Premieres We’re So Excited For And so as we celebrate the week of fall TV premieres in the Read More
OK! Exclusive: Aleks of Below Deck Gives Scoop for Tonight's Finale
Smooth seas never made for a skilled sailor, or whatever that thought is that I read on Pinterest once, right? Second-in-command Aleks Taldykin had to deal with some rough emotional seas on this first season of Below Deck, and tonight brings the finale. He chatted with to tell us what to expect tonight—and maybe Read More
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After you’re done replaying your DVR and rewatching that Miley Cyrus VMAs performance over and over, take a little breather and unwind with these five new shows. Premieres, finales, specials…details on the best of tonight’s TV is all below! OK! Exclusive: First Look at Mackenzie and Josh on Tonight’s Teen Mom 3 Premiere The Real Read More
Below Deck's Captain Aleks Taldykin Has an Adorable Dog! Get the Deets on His Pet's Cu...
A dog is a man’s best friend, and this one is pretty darn cute. Just take a look at this selfie shot of Below Deck‘s Aleks Taldykin and his tiny canine! There’s so many things we want to know. Does the little dog enjoy sailing? Does he like having a famous owner? Where’s that blue collar Read More
5 Shows To Watch Tonight Like Switched at Birth, Hollywood Exes And More
Welp, it’s back to the grind today as we all recover from our hangovers (and painful sunburns) from the long weekend. But at least we can find solace in the fact that we have our favorite shows to look forward to after a grueling day at the office! See what we’re tuning into tonight and Read More
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OK! Exclusive: 'Below Deck's C.J LeBeau Dishes on His Heartthrob Status, Andy Cohen An...
Yesterday we probably got you really excited for next week's premiere of Below Deck thanks to this interview with castmember Dave Bradberry, but now, it's time to introduce you to hottie number two of the show, C.J LeBeau. We had a fun little convo with the engineer of the yacht, who told us about his Read More
OK! Exclusive: Dave Bradberry From 'Below Deck' On Why The New Bravo Show Is 'Jersey S...
Bravo is just killin' it these days with the new reality shows. First there was Married to Medicine, then Princesses: Long Island happened and now, Below Deck premieres on the network next week. The show follows 8 crew members as they work aboard a yacht for the rich (and sometimes famous) that travels around the Read More