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TV Show: Carla Facciolo

The 'Mob Wives' Reunion Is Anything But Calm, Cool, and Collected!
Welcome to the place where issues are not ignored and rumors are confronted. Yep, you got it! It's reunion time for the Mob Wives bunch! Whenever we're watching a reunion show, whether it's Teen Mom, Housewives or Survivor, …
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Exclusive 'Mob Wives' Clip: Carla Finds Out How Love Really Feels!
These ladies totally just participated in a game of 'Whisper Down the Lane.' Well, they were exactly whispering. Love Majewski, the new Mob Wife 'round town, has a problem with Carla Facciolo. OK! News: Renee Graziano Talks …
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Exclusive 'Mob Wives' Clip: Trouble Is Brewing Between Carla, Ramona and Karen
A fight rarely stays between two people in Mob Wives land. When these ladies get upset, they don't keep their emotions bottled up inside — they let each other know!  OK! News: Chose the Right Red Lipstick In this …
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'Mob Wives' Special: Get to Know Carla Facciolo!
Say hello to another Mob Wife! In this video interview, the born and raised Brooklyn girl talks all about her adorable kids, ex-husband, Mob Wives drama and how she was partial to bad boys when she was younger. Don’t worry—…