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TV Show: Chasing Life

Chasing Life Casting Scoop: There's a New Doctor in Town—Find Out Who!
Sorry, Uncle George, your time as April’s doctor is just about up. On the July 29 episode of ABC Family’s Chasing Life, a feisty new oncologist is assigned to April’s case and her face will look very familiar to you. Merrin Dungey of Alias, Betrayal, King of Queens and countless other shows has been paged Read More
Chasing Life: Italia Ricci Reveals Why Playing April is 'Terrifying'
ABC Family’s newest drama Chasing Life deals with some pretty hefty subject matter given its lead character April has just recently learned she’s in for the fight of her life—the fight against her cancer diagnosis. Not only are there high stakes regarding her health, but April is determined to plow full steam ahead into her Read More