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TV Show: Fashion Queens

Fashion Queens on Celeb FashionFashion Queens on Celeb Fashion
Miley, Taylor, Gaga and More—Bravo's Fashion Queens Break Down The Best Celebrity Styl...
We’re always obsessing over the latest celebrity fashion—good, bad and straight up confusing. And while we all have our opinions of that concert costume or red carpet dress, we went to the experts themselves, Bravo’s Fashion Queens, for the ultimate ruling on the latest celebrity looks. Photos: See the best fashion on TV this week Read More
Fashion Queens
Bravo's Fashion Queens Don't Hold Back! See Which Housewife They Say Dresses Classier ...
If there’s two things Bravo’s Fashion Queens know, it’s, well, fashion, and also—Housewives. So why not combine the two and get their fabulous opinions? Watch: Find out what celebs are fans of the Fashion Queens show When Bevy Smith, Derek J and Miss Lawrence stopped by the OK! offices, we had them reveal the Housewife Read More
Bravo's Fashion Queens
Find Out Which Celebs Bravo's Fashion Queens Can't Wait to Discuss This Seas...
A brand new season of Fashion Queens begins on Bravo this Sunday night at 11:30 p.m. ET right after Watch What Happens Live and these Queens are ready to go! OK! News: Which celeb looks the best with their new pixie cut? When they stopped by the OK! offices we got them to talk about Read More