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TV Show: Mirror Mirror

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'Hunger Games' Trumps New Releases 'Mirror Mirror' & 'Wrath of the Titans'
After breaking box office records last weekend for its opening three days, The Hunger Games is still on top as new reports reveal that it has beat out the new flicks that came out this past Friday. OK! NEWS: …
Courtesy of Ellen/WarnerBros.
Ellen DeGeneres Scares the Pee Out of Julia Roberts... TWICE!
We all know Ellen DeGeneres gets a kick out of scaring her guests on The Ellen Show. But in an episode airing today, Ellen not only scares Julia Roberts backstage, but gets her again in front of the studio …
Courtesy of Access Hollywood
Armie Hammer on Licking Julia Roberts' Face in 'Mirror Mirror': 'I Tried Not To D...
Everyone is comparing Lily Collins to Kristen Stewart when it comes to Snow White, but in actuality, the two films they're starring in are totally different. How do we know this? Well, let's just say Armie Hammer's character gets …