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TV Show: Party Down South

Party Down South: Mattie Breaux Talks Confidence and Crazy Fans
Party Down South’s season two finale promises to be crazy (and, really, would you expect anything less from this cast?) but no matter how much partying happens in the house, Mattie Breaux says the show has made her an even stronger person. She sits down with OK! to chat about the Party Down South drama Read More
Party Down South: What's the Craziest Thing Lyle Boudreaux Has Ever Done?
If you’ve watched enough Party Down South, you’ve surely seen “Wild Lyle,” Lyle Boudreaux’s crazier alter-ego who can sometimes be an unwelcome sight to his roommates. Tiffany Heinen says he’s calmed down a bit for season two, but OK! asks the man himself to describe “Wild Lyle” and fill us in on the craziest thing Read More
Party Down South: Tiffany Heinen Talks Lil Bit Drama and Road Tripping
The Party Down South drama between Lil Bit and Daddy didn’t just affect them, it changed relationships in the rest of the house as well. Tiffany Heinen explains the state of her friendship with Lil Bit now and why she and Lauren need a road tripping spin-off. OK! News: Teen Mom 2 Clip Shows Jenelle Read More
Party Down South: Can Walt Explain Daddy's Fascination with Pee (Yes, Pee)?
You never know what you’re going to get when you watch an episode of Party Down South and some of the craziest moments on the show have involved…urine. That’s right—good, old-fashioned pee. Between the shocking way Daddy easily took down a cup of his own pee and the guys agreeing to pee their pants, it Read More
Party Down South: Lauren White Reveals Which Teen Mom She'd Love to Party With
Party Down South’s second season has shown us a more fun-loving side to Lauren White and we’re loving her more carefree attitude. The Pineville, Louisiana native talks to OK! about her new lease on life and the reality star she’d love to invite to hang with her own reality family. OK! News: Who’s In and Read More
Party Down South: Daddy Shares the Most Valuable Lesson He's Learned This Season
Sometimes there’s such a thing as getting too close to your roommate, and no one learned that lesson better than Daddy on this season of Party Down South. Now that the drama has died down, OK! caught up with the cast on a press trip to Los Angeles where Daddy explained he’s in a much Read More
Party Down South: Murray Reveals the Crazy Thing Fans Are Doing to Meet Him
Party Down South has some intensely loyal fans, so loyal in fact they will go to some pretty stealthy lengths to meet the cast. OK! chats with Josh Murray (that’s just Murray to you and me) about the fan encounters that have hit close to home (literally) and why it’s good to have “old Daddy” Read More