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TV Show: Property Envy

Jeff LewisJeff Lewis
Find Out What Spinoff Show Jeff Lewis is Afraid Will Be Coming to Bravo Soon!
There is really no channel that has mastered the spinoff show quite like Bravo. So when we asked Jeff Lewis about a potential spinoff idea, see why it had him thinking twice! OK! News: NeNe Leakes opens up about …
Jeff Lewis
Which Housewife Does Jeff Lewis Say is His "Kindred Spirit"?
Jeff Lewis is a huge fan of the Housewives. All of them. Ok, some more than others. OK! News: Are you ready for new pics of Prince George? Find out which one got him watching her city’s season after …
Jenni Pulos and Jeff Lewis
Will Jeff Lewis Babysit Jenni Pulos' New Baby?
We’re so excited that Jenni Pulos became a new mom earlier this month! It’s almost like she gave birth to the Bravo royal baby. OK! News: The latest on the Giudices’ court news So when we caught up with …
Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis on the Celebrity Break-Up That "Needed to Happen"
When we caught up with Bravo superstar Jeff Lewis, we couldn’t wait to hear all about his brand new shows Property Envy and Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. OK! News: Does Julianne Hough have a new boyfriend?…
Jenni Pulos and Jeff Lewis on Bravo's Interior Therapy
Can Jeff Lewis Take a Prank? Jenni Pulos Reveals All, Including New Details About This...
The new season of Bravo‘s Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis starts tonight at 9 p.m. ET followed by Jeff‘s other show Property Envy! Sounds like quite a busy night for our favorite house-flipper/designer. OK! News: The …