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TV Show: The Real

Watch What Happens Live - Season 10Watch What Happens Live - Season 10
The Real's Tamar Braxton Shares Her Fave 'Cheap Girl' Shopping Find
We’re just 13 days away from The Real’s fall season premiere and co-host Tamar Braxton is psyched to reunite with her girls. OK! chats with the opinionated singer about her favorite segment on the the daytime talker and her …
The Real Cast Explains Why They're Real to TV Critics—It's Awesome
You know the expression you either get it or you don’t? That seemed to be the theme when a theater full of TV critics attended a panel for the new daytime talk show The Real, which returns for a …
Jeannie Mai Talks Fashion Investments and a Must-Have Accessory
If your bank account isn’t bubbling over with Rich Kids of Instagram money, you’re in good company. Trying to prioritize fashion purchases can be tough, especially when, like me, you’re kind of obsessed with pretty things. The Real’s Jeannie Mai…
OK! Goes Behind-The-Scenes Of 'The Real'
So you might think a show featuring a group of women sitting around a table discussing hot topics is nothing new (ie The View and The Talk), but when The Real premieres today you’ll quickly realize you’ve never seen …